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Laser Levels on construction sites

Electronic distance measurement in surveying

What is the Camera-Like Device Used on a Construction Site?

We’ve all seen it at one time or another: a tall, skinny instrument that towers above a construction site, seemingly a king looking out over its domain. Contrary to what it might look like, this device isn’t being used to keep an eye on potential trespassers or shoot scenes for Hollywood’s next blockbuster film. It’s actually a device called a laser level, and it’s used by surveyors and architects to take digital measurements that aid the construction process. Let’s take a look at what laser levels do and how they make life easier for all of us!

What is a Laser Level?

Electronic distance measurement in surveyingA laser level is an electronic device that emits a laser beam and can be placed atop a tripod to take measurements of a plot of land. The data from a laser level’s reading is used to determine the height and depth of large or small stretches of terrain. This information is an essential piece of the construction process, assisting in irrigation, the growing of crops, and filling trenches with sand.

What Do I Need to Know About Laser Level Technology?

Laser levels have been around since the early 1970s, and the first one was patented in the late 1980s. But it goes without saying that the surveying equipment on the market has improved by leaps and bounds since then! Rotary laser levels are a more advanced form of the technology, illuminating a 360-degree vertical or horizontal plane instead of just a single line. Engineer Supply offers a wide variety of automatic levels at the forefront of the industry’s technological capabilities.

How Do I Know Which Laser Level is Right for Me?

Engineer Supply offers a wide variety of laser levels from leading brands such as Leica, Bosch, and GeoMax. While these levels are alike in their high-quality manufacturing and ability to take accurate terrain readings conveniently, each user will find that they have their own preferences for the ideal piece of equipment. The experts at Engineer Supply are happy to work with you in finding the laser level that’s perfect for your project!

Electronic distance measurement in surveying
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