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How does a laser rangefinder work?

Blog How Does Laser Rangefinder Work Laser rangefinders are used by hunters, archers, and golfers. These laser measuring tools are important for calculating distance easily, which can come in handy if you’re shooting a gun or putting one on the green. This information can affect the way you aim or how you swing, which could increase your chances of getting the desired result. But how do these measuring tools perform their tasks? Knowing how a laser rangefinder works can not only help you find the right model but can also help you get the most out of them.

Blog How Does Laser Rangefinder Work

Laser Technology and Beam Divergence

A laser is a beam of light that has been concentrated on a specific point, and it uses a special amplification process to create a highly-focused beam. A laser can be used for cutting objects, performing surgery, as well as for precise measuring and gathering of data. It’s also the most important part of a rangefinder because when you push the button, an infrared light is shot toward your target and is instantaneously bounced back to the device. The rangefinder measures the amount of time it takes for the laser beam to bounce back and return, which it uses to calculate the object’s distance.

Another thing that makes lasers so effective is something called “beam divergence,” which is a measure of how focused the laser beam is on the rangefinder. If you ever notice how a flashlight beam spreads as it moves further away from its source, you’ll understand how beam divergence works. As a laser beam spreads, it starts to react to more objects. If you only want it to focus on a specific point, you don’t want it to diverge too much. But if you’re tracking a large animal at close range, it might not be as big a deal. Hunting smaller game, on the other hand, will require more precise laser measuring tools to get an accurate reading. As a general rule, a tighter beam will have a longer range.

Blog How Does Laser Rangefinder Work

What a Laser Rangefinder Sees

Once you push the button, it sends a series of lasers toward your target, which are bouncing off whatever is inside the scope. The process happens instantly, so you can get a distance reading the moment you activate it. While some rangefinders will only calculate the closest object, others of the same types of laser measuring tools will look at the greatest spike of readings as you move toward a specific target. Some will look at the furthest object in the scope, while others have built-in features that will ignore any brush that’s between you and the target. Every one of these measuring tools will interpret the data a little differently. So if you’re thinking about purchasing any laser measuring tapes, rangefinders, or any other types of laser measuring devices, you need to think about whether their features will be a good fit.

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