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Do Laser Beams Work Underwater?

Blog do laser beams work underwater When you think about what they can do, lasers are quite extraordinary. Because they’re used in many important pieces of technology, people use them every day without even thinking about it. Even something as simple as playing a movie DVD or video game depends on laser technology. And when you consider the many applications that it has in the modern world, its potential is pretty remarkable. Not only is it used in many pieces of consumer electronics, but there are even laser measuring tools that can be used by contractors and surveyors to do their work.

So, do laser beams actually work underwater? And the simple answer to that question is “yes,” they absolutely do. As long as the internal components aren’t exposed to the water, they’ll work just fine. However, there are some other factors you have to consider if you’re planning to use them underwater. Very little sunlight gets into the depths of the ocean, because the penetration of light works differently in water. It tends to scatter when you go too deep, so certain wavelengths will work better than others.

Which Laser Spectrum Works Best Underwater

Blog do laser beams work underwater

Laser measuring tools that run on the blue-green spectrum work best. They can penetrate the water better, and they’ll have a higher wavelength when it’s measured in nanometers. This means that maximum transmission of a blue-green laser will be a little more than 500 nm when it’s used underwater. Some red and ultraviolet lights can get absorbed underwater, so going into that part of the spectrum won’t give you as good of a result.

Underwater Applications for Laser Technology

You might be wondering why people would want to use lasers underwater, but they can have many possible applications beneath the surface of the ocean. One of the more obvious applications for underwater laser measuring tools is that they be used on submarines. Lasers can be helpful in the location of other vessels, and it can even tell the difference between a friendly and hostile ship.

Like construction lasers that can be used to measure distance from one object to another, underwater laser pointers can be used by scuba divers to point out underwater objects they might find interesting or useful. And they can be used to communicate with other divers. It’s an important piece of gear for any scuba diver — something that many of them can’t do without. They can use the laser pointer to get someone’s attention while they’re exploring underwater. And because they need to be able to see while they’re down there, it’s a piece of technology that can make their work much easier.

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Blog do laser beams work underwater

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