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The Best Tools for Building a Cavity Wall

cavity wall header Tackle one of the most common building elements in modern construction: the cavity wall. Learn more about this durable, time-tested building technique today and shop for the latest construction lasers and other essential tools to build a cavity wall.

What Is a Cavity Wall?

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Since the 1920s cavity walls have been the leading design in building construction. A modern cavity wall consists of either dimensional lumber frame and sheathing or masonry blocks on the interior and exterior. These rugged walls have stood the test of time and are capable of withstanding strong winds, rain and offers excellent insulation properties. With recent advances in laser measuring tools, these walls made with precision engineering for a unified look. Most cavity walls use masonry for the exterior layers, or skins. Cinder blocks and brick are common options that are durable enough to withstand a variety of damage and can last for years to come. Cavity walls allow ample room for insulation and also provide opportunities to create weep holes. These holes allow water to escape and prevents a buildup of moisture that could rot wood and other building materials. Both the interior and exterior walls are typically held together with wire ties.

Tools Needed for Construction

To build a cavity wall, you typically need a range of tools and experience. Here are some common tools that help you build a straight, sturdy cavity wall:
  • Brick-laying trowel
  • Hammer and chisel
  • Construction level
  • Builder’s squares
  • Measuring tools
  • Saw
  • Power drill
The type of exterior materials used will dramatically alter the tools you need. For example, if the interior of your cavity wall is drywall, you’ll need drywall mudding, taping, sanding and painting supplies. While classic cavity walls have brick exteriors, you can create a cavity wall with nearly any interior and exterior building materials. As long as you have the tools to cut, measure and install your materials, you’ll be ready to build a cavity wall. Use the latest construction lasers to keep your walls unified and create straight lines and even corners.

Find the Right Tools for the Job

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If you need to build a cavity wall for a DIY project, or you’re looking for the latest equipment to improve your professional building toolkit, check out the latest tools at Engineer Supply. From construction lasers to measuring tapes and construction calculators, you’ll find innovative solutions that help you build accurate, fast and effective projects. Whether you’re building a single wall or an entire home, use accurate tools for a professional product.

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