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Best Measuring Wheels

Best Measuring Wheels

Whether you’re a land surveyor or you work in a construction industry, there are certain tools that you cannot do without. Perhaps the most important resource of all is the surveyor’s wheel. Though it goes by many names from clickwheel to trundle wheel, this tool serves the very important purpose of measuring distance. From measuring how large a piece of property is to defining borders in an accurate manner, there are countless applications for measuring wheels. Naturally, there are also plenty of models to consider when making a purchase.

To make your search easier, it can be useful to take a look at a number of different options with surveyor wheels. Give yourself time to review the details surrounding these models and find the right fit for your line of work.

Rolatape 32-400 Professional 400 Series


Typically, the best way to find the most useful tool for your next job is by seeking out equipment that is designed for the explicit parameters of your industry. For example, the Rolatape 32-400 Professional 400 Series is built for construction. If you’re conducting heavy commercial operations or doing utility work, then this might be the perfect fit for your needs. The all-steel construction and spoked wheel makes the tool as durable as it is effective at delivering results.

DuraWheel DW-PRO


Durability is crucial when it comes to finding the best wheel measuring tool. The DuraWheel DW-PRO is a heavy-duty option worth looking at when the demands of your professional career are intense. Not only is this a strong tool, the pistol grip handle makes maneuvering the device a convenient and comfortable experience. All you have to do is secure the handle in an upright position and you’ll see just how powerful this option can be.

Calculated Industries DigiRoller Plus


There are going to come times when you need to guarantee multiple measurements at one time. From the height of a structure to the length of a piece of real estate to the volume of a barrel or well, the DigiRoller Plus can tackle whatever you throw at it. The design allows for the user to get accurate measurements without requiring physical exertion, making the entire experience easy and effective. The LCD display makes it easy to see without squinting or causing any distress.

Keson Road Runner


Special conditions require a special rolling measure wheel. If a large chunk of your work involves actions like paving asphalt or installing cables, then you need to make sure that you have equipment that can handle the specifics of these tasks. The Keson Road Runner RRT1210 is the perfect fit when the parameters of your current job are as specific as they are challenging. The Road Runner is also useful in scenarios where you need to conduct complicated landscape or irrigation design.

Rolatape Professional 300 Series


Road workers have very specific challenges to face when it comes to daily responsibilities. The struggle of doing work on paved roads is much different than it is when it comes to unpaved roads. Thankfully, there are some supplies that can make both jobs a breeze. The Rolatape Professional 300 Series is available in three models and each boasts a durable steel frame design that offers a heavy-duty shield against any threat of impact or damage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy New Measuring Wheels?

Best Measuring Wheels

If you’re ready to invest in new measuring wheels, then there are a few options worth consideration. Take time to look over the different models at Engineer Supply and gain more insight into which tool is the right one for whatever challenge awaits.

What Professions Use Measuring Wheels?

There are many fields where it is common to use measuring tools of this nature. Commonly people who work in construction industries will use wheels. Additionally, anyone who works as a land surveyor will find this a vital component in operations.

What Is Another Name for a Measuring Wheel?

Though there are many different names for this tool, the most common name you are likely to hear for a measuring tool is the surveyor’s wheel. This is due to the fact that surveyors tend to use the tool the most often.

Can Measuring Wheels Mark and Measure?

Yes! It is entirely possible to invest in a measuring tool that also marks as it goes. If your main goal when investing in this type of resource is to make distinct boundaries on a piece of property, then you can benefit from finding a model that does both.

How Often Should Measuring Wheels Be Replaced?

Best Measuring Wheels

A quality tool will not need to be replaced for many years. Still, there are ways to take note of a wheel that is in need of repairs or replacement. If the readings are not as accurate as they once were, it could mean that you need to have the item replaced.

There are a number of effective ways to go about finding the best measuring wheels for whatever job is in front of you. Take time to look into the details of different options available to you at Engineer Supply and see which is the best fit for your needs.
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