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How Do measuring wheels Work

How Do measuring wheels Work

Whether you work as a contractor, a surveyor, or a home remodeler, one of the most important tasks you are responsible for is taking an accurate measurement of the land. Such readings are crucial before you can conduct any actual work. Naturally, you want to make sure you have all of the right tools and gear to help you complete your job. When you need to guarantee accurate readings, measuring wheels are some of the best options available to you.

Infographic How Do measuring wheels Work

Take a moment to look over this guide and learn everything you need to know about the surveyor’s wheel. A little insight can help you pick the most appropriate model for your next job.

The Origin of the Surveyor’s Wheel

While there are many different tools involved in the process of taking measurements, the surveyor’s wheel is one of the oldest and most efficient. In fact, the tool can be traced back to sometime during the 1600s. During this period, the wheel looked essentially the same and was used for the exact same purpose as today. Anyone looking to measure the boundaries of a piece of land could easily use the wheel to figure out an exact reading on horizontal measurements of the property.

The Basic Principle

How Do measuring wheels Work

The distance measuring wheel, as the name suggests, is typically used to measure the horizontal distance of a piece of land. In the past, the surveyor’s wheel was predominantly put into use to get a general estimation about the distance between different settlements. Since the tool was able to produce impressive and accurate results, it has remained the most popular tool for surveyors, contractors, and anyone who needs to calculate distance.

How To Use the Measuring Wheel

It doesn’t require a lot of research to understand how to use a straightforward and simple device like a surveyor's wheel. The process is as simple as using the wheel and walking along with it as you take a reading on a specific stretch of land. Depending on the type of wheel you are using, you can measure the distance by counting your steps, using a marking system, or looking at the electronic readings offered by the tool. While you can try different approaches to gain more accurate readings, this is the general idea.

The Advantages of the Surveyor’s Wheel

You can expect a number of benefits when you make the decision to use a wheel measuring tape. For one, you will have no trouble getting the exact readings you require without having to put in much of an effort. Once you’ve gotten a feel for how to use the device, taking advantage of all it can do for you will become intuitive.

The Disadvantages of the Surveyor’s Wheel

While an incredibly useful tool, there are also a handful of drawbacks to using a wheel to measure distances. If the ground you need to take a reading on is inconsistent or very soft, then you might notice the wheel has a bit of an issue with moving across the surface of the terrain. Additionally, large obstacles or structures blocking your path can reduce the odds of getting the readings you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy Measuring Wheels?

When the time comes to invest in new measuring wheels, all you need to do is check out your options at Engineer Supply. Take a moment to review your options, gaining a feel for the pros and cons of each model. With a bit of research, you’ll find the best fit. 

What Tool Is Most Important for Surveyors?

How Do measuring wheels Work

There are many different tools and supplies involved in surveying land. If you want to take accurate readings in the most simple and straightforward way possible, the surveyor’s wheel is one of the best options available to you.

How Often Should Measuring Wheels Be Replaced?

Like all quality tools, the wheel you purchase should last you a long while. This is especially true when you have taken time to research all of your options and understand what makes for a practical investment.

Why Use a Surveyor’s Wheel?

Though there are many different options available to you, there are several reasons to consider using a surveyor’s wheel instead of anything else. When the land in front of you is consistent and horizontal, a wheel is the best and most efficient method of obtaining a reading.

How Can I Take the Right Measurement With a Surveyor’s Wheel?

To take the most accurate reading from a wheel, you first need to dedicate the appropriate amount of time and energy to understanding how your tool works. Read the manual, research tips on the internet, and see what you can accomplish.

There are many points to understand about measuring wheels. Take time to learn more about the options available to you at Engineer Supply and get the best tools for your next job.
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