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Rotary Laser Levels with Grade Match

A rotary laser level that does “grade match” can tilt itself in a way that will match a desired grade. It doesn’t allow you to enter a desired grade, but it does allow you to tilt the laser until it matches an existing grade. When you use the grade function on a rotary laser level kit, the auto-level feature will be disabled. Many units can match a single grade, but there are dual-grade models as well (which can tilt twice). This process can be done either manually or automatically and can be useful for landscaping, drainage work, or general construction jobs.

A single-slope rotary laser level with this feature can give you a slope in one axis at a time, while a dual slope can give you two slopes on separate axes simultaneously. It has a display that will allow you to see the different grades on the laser, and it gives you the option to tilt the rotary laser level on both axes so you can get a compound grade. This kind of rotary laser level kit will be more expensive than a single-slope model.

This kind of laser level is great for indoor and outdoor jobs of any kind, especially in areas where precise leveling and grade control are needed. You may need to allow for a certain amount of runoff as you design a building, but it can also be helpful in the following applications:

  • Fine-grade excavation.
  • Land leveling or tilling.
  • Concrete forming and framework.
  • Setting foundations and footings.
If you want to find the best rotary laser level with the “grade match” feature, be sure to look at what we have at Engineer Supply. We know you can find a tool that will meet your specific needs.

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