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How Do We Check the Level of a Slab?

Blog How To Check the Level of a Slab Getting a slab flat and level can be a challenge, but it’s something that concrete contractors have to face. There’s no question that getting a floor or any concrete slab to sit on a level plane is a complicated matter. But there’s an old saying — that “the impossible is hard until someone does it.” Many have struggled to get level slabs, so they can reduce the amount of money they have to spend on construction lasers and other floor leveling products. Not only do you have to educate subcontractors on best practices in the industry, but you also have to give them an incentive to exceed these standards.

The Standards for Determining Flatness and Levelness of a Slab

blog how to check the level of a slab

The industry has a standard for determining both of these criteria, which it calls the “F-number system.” One measures its flatness (called the FF number), and the other measures its levelness (called the FL number). While the average flatness of a slab is somewhere in the 30’s, there have been cases where it has gone as low as 10. Flatness is often the result of good finishing, while levelness is the result of good screeding (which is followed up by a good finishing process). The majority of the problems are caused by the fact that cambered steel can move or move down as the concrete is poured. That’s why having a good steel framing design is important. If it can’t support any additional concrete, you could have thickness variations throughout the slab.

Measuring the Flatness and Levelness of a Slab

There are many types of survey equipment that can be used for level measurement. While the standard bubble level can be used to measure the flatness of a slab, there are other tools that make it easier. A laser level may be a more efficient option, because it uses more advanced technology that may reduce your margin for error. You want to measure any gaps between the surface and the level. And if it’s less than 1/8 of an inch, it’s considered level. Larger gaps will require more pouring or some other type of adjustment. Mark these areas with a felt-tipped marker, and repeat the process until the entire area has been measured.

blog how to check the level of a slab

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