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Safco Masterfile High Density Blueprint Storage Solution

The Safco MasterFile is a great high-density filing cabinet solution for storing and organizing large documents and files like blueprints, maps, newspapers, x-rays, construction documents, shop drawings, large photos, valuable artwork, drawings and much more. The Safco MasterFile is used by many city governments, engineering firms, surveying firms, and throughout the industry.

What makes the Safco MasterFile so unique is the ability to store a large number of documents in a small area, making the most of your valuable work space. A single MasterFile can hold up to 1,600 individual documents of 3 mil thickness. It does this by storing the document in a vertical, hanging position. Not only making maximum use of office space but providing optimal protection and preserving your documents but not stacking them on top of each other which can cause bending and creasing.

Documents stored in the MasterFile are suspended from horizontal steel bars that are 6 ½ inches apart. The documents are held by carrier strips which are sold separately. The carrier strips attach to the documents and have holes in them which align with the steel bars. Documents are inserted into the Safco MasterFile cabinet on horizontal suspension bars through the attachment of carrier strips to the documents. To store a document simply cut the carrier strip to the desired length and attach them to your document with the adhesive strip. This will not damage you documents and will allow them to hang freely in the MasterFile. The carrier strips are sold in a roll and can be cut to different lengths to accommodate different size papers. This allows multiple sizes of documents to be stored in the same MasterFile. Carrier strips can be purchased in film laminate or polyester material. The Safco MasterFile will prevent bent corners and creasing. Out guides can also be purchased indicate when a file has been removed. This will not only help inform co-workers who might be looking for the document but will also help you reinsert the document in the correct place with out searching.

The large drawer rolls smoothly on any floor surface and when the drawer is shut it keeps the document compressed together so they hang flat. When the large drawer is pulled out it allows you to easily sort through and retrieve documents when you need them. Not only is it a great storage solution but it also protects your documents as it has a moisture and dust seal which works great with document protection. The Safco MasterFile also has insulated double steel walls to help reduce noise and strengthen the filing cabinet. The MasterFile comes standard with a lock and two keys to keep documents secure, and a gas cylinder to help the lid open easily and prevent the lid from slamming shut while in use. The Safco MasterFile is available in 3 different sizes depending on your needs. Many customers end up buying multiple MasterFile cabinets over time as their collection of documents increase.

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