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Best Engineering Rulers


Selecting the Best Rulers for Engineers

While engineers use a wealth of tools to complete daily tasks, some items are more vital than others. During the preliminary steps of a project, an engineering ruler is one of the most important pieces of equipment to have handy. Review these top options for measuring tools and find the perfect fit for your next job.

Rhino Rulers Folding Engineers Ruler

best-engineering-rulers-Rhino-rulers Often, the most trustworthy tools for engineers are those that have been crafted by industry professionals. The folding ruler by Rhino Rulers is a perfect example of this, designed by a contractor who wanted better options for those working in intense weather conditions. That is why this ruler can withstand wet conditions without warping, peeling, or cracking. The waterproof design also makes cleanup a simple process, allowing users the ability to wipe away mud with minimal effort. If you require gear that can withstand outdoor temperature extremes and heavy rainfall, this is a great choice.

Alumicolor Stainless Steel Ruler

best-engineering-rulers-Alumicolor-8018 Accuracy is key for engineers working long hours at a drafting desk. To ensure you’re as precise as possible with your measurements, you need a strong tool like the Alumicolor stainless steel ruler. The backing of the ruler is composed of non-slip cork, meaning you won’t need to worry about your measuring rod moving from its placement and throwing off your blueprints. The ruler is made of stainless steel, making it durable enough to be tossed in your bag and transported from the office to an active job site without fear of damage.

Hultafors Wooden Folding Ruler

best-engineering-rulers-Hultafors-101404U For engineers, every job is different. This means you will need to invest in equipment that reflects your exact requirements in the moment. When you need to make fine marks, a thin tool like Hultafors wooden folding ruler is a great choice. The tool has gone through extensive testing to guarantee durability and accuracy. What’s more, the ruler is treated with protective lacquer to ensure that it does not become worn from increased moisture in the air. If you need a flexible ruler that will serve you for many years, this is a sensible investment.

Keson Metric Wood Ruler

best-engineering-rulers-Keson-WR18M When you have to cart a ton of tools around to job sites, it can increase how long it takes to complete simple tasks. The Keson metric wood ruler aims to make life easier in this regard. The tool eliminates the need to create a mason’s line by offering a design that can deliver straight lines of three different lengths. The ruler also allows for both metric measurements and readings in feet and inches. Not only is this piece of equipment ideal for engineers, it has also been a longstanding favorite of both carpenters and plumbers.

Seco CMR Series Measuring Ruler

best-engineering-rulers-Seco-90180 A quality measuring stick is an essential tool for engineers who prefer to work alone. If you need a good option for one-person measuring tasks, the Seco CMR Series measuring ruler is a top choice. The lightweight and durable tool is crafted from fiberglass, meaning it is strong enough to withstand whatever conditions you find yourself in. Beyond this, the stick can handle taking measurements on horizontal distances and heights alike. To help you keep the ruler safe when you’re not using it, Seco includes a protective carrying case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find a Quality Engineering Ruler?


To find the best engineering ruler, you need to explore a variety of cutting-edge options. Review the extensive selection available at Engineer Supply and see which design meets your personal criteria.  

What Are Rulers Used for in Engineering?

Engineers use rulers for a multitude of purposes. From drafting plans at a drawing desk to taking precise measurements while on an active job site, access to a quality measuring tool can make any task faster and more manageable.

What Qualities Are Most Important When Selecting a Measuring Stick?

When seeking measuring tools, it is best to consider the conditions you will be working in. If the job is outdoors and rain is likely, a waterproof option is your best bet. All rulers should be durable, however, as it will increase the longevity of the equipment.

What Tools Are Most Important for Engineers?

Professional engineers tend to use a large selection of tools to complete daily tasks. While drawing pencils and rulers help with the preliminary phases of a project, equipment like wrenches, hammers, levels, and protective goggles are essential to finish a job in an efficient way.

How Long Does an Engineer’s Ruler Last?


There is no specific lifespan for a ruler. How often the tool needs to be replaced will depend largely on the frequency of its use. One way to tell it is time to invest in a new measuring device is when the numbers or markings on the ruler have become faded or difficult to read.

Finding the best tools for your next project is key to your success. Look at your options at Engineer Supply to discover the most appropriate engineering ruler for your needs.
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