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Best Subsurface Instruments


Subsurface is known as one of the top brand names in water detection equipment. The company was founded to meet the need for high quality yet affordable water detection tools, and they are a top manufacturer in the field. If you’re looking to find the perfect pipe locator or other piece of equipment from this brand, consider these five selections.

Subsurface Instruments LD-18 Digital Water Leak Detector

SUBSURFACE-INSTRUMENTS-PF-5 The Subsurface Instruments LD-18 Digital Water Leak Detector represents state-of-the-art technology in every way. It’s equipped with an automatic noise reduction tool as well as a graphic display that can be seen in the most difficult conditions.

When you’re searching for the location of a leak, you can use one of the tool’s five different filters that are designed for high frequency conditions, or one of the three that are designed for use in low frequency conditions. The kit also comes with two notch filters to allow you to further customize the sound output from the device.

SubSurface Instruments Pipe and Cable Locator - PL-TT

SUBSURFACE-INSTRUMENTS-PF-2 The SubSurface Instruments Pipe and Cable Locator - PL-TT might be the best pipe locator on the market for its price point. This tool is incredibly accurate as a result of the multiple active frequencies that it can utilize — 815Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz & 82kHZ — as well as several passive power frequencies. Its carbon fiber exterior adds a layer of durability that further adds to this tool’s incredible value.

SubSurface Instruments ML-1 Magnetic Locator

SUBSURFACE-INSTRUMENTS-PF-1 The SubSurface Instruments ML-1 Magnetic Locator is one of the simpler tools on this list, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less powerful. This device can be used as a pipe locator, a cable locator, or a utility locator. The battery life lasts an impressive 40 hours, and the audio-only output makes it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for — whether that’s electric cables, manhole covers, or steel pipes.

SubSurface Instruments Waterproof Magnetic Locator ML-3S (Short)

SUBSURFACE-INSTRUMENTS-PF-3 If you need to locate a specific magnetic site, the SubSurface Instruments Waterproof Magnetic Locator ML-3S (Short) is the right tool to take with you. This small but mighty device is housed within an aluminum monotube that’s crafted from aircraft-grade materials. As if this weren’t enough to prove its quality, users will also enjoy the tool’s promise of a 100% waterproof construction, so you can submerge it completely without any worry.

SubSurface Instruments Waterproof Magnetic Locator ML-3L (Long)

SUBSURFACE-INSTRUMENTS-PF-4 As the slightly bigger sibling to the SubSurface Instruments Waterproof Magnetic Locator ML-3S (Short), the SubSurface Instruments Waterproof Magnetic Locator ML-3L (Long) is another promising piece of equipment for all of your cable locator needs. You can use this device up to 220 feet underwater, and you can also enjoy the convenient increase in its speaker pitch that’s directly proportional to the gradient field intensive. The crisp, easily readable LCD display is the cherry on top, illustrating the device’s bar graph and signal strength as well as a useful warning when the device’s battery is running low.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Subsurface Instruments?


Subsurface Instruments is a manufacturer based in De Pere, WI that creates subsurface location equipment. The company maintains all operations — including its manufacturing processes — in the United States.

How deep can Subsurface Instruments tools locate?

Different Subsurface Instruments tools have different depth capabilities, but the brand’s equipment can typically detect 4” pipes from depths of at least 12’. If a pipe is bigger, it may be easier to find from a greater depth. Similarly, if a pipe is smaller, you may need to be closer in order to detect it.

Do Subsurface Industries devices come with a warranty?

Yes, some Subsurface Industries devices are covered by a limited warranty. Customers must register their product with the manufacturer in order to take advantage of this warranty.

How do I use a Subsurface Instruments pipe locator?

The exact procedure for using a pipe locator depends on what kind of device you are using. Generally, though, you should place the device near the pipe and move it until the pipe is found.

What makes Subsurface Instruments better?


Subsurface Instruments outperforms many of its competitors due to the high quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process.

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Subsurface Instruments tools are an essential component of your toolbox if you regularly work with pipes and utilities. Find the right device by browsing the selection available at Engineer Supply. Reach out to us at (800) 591-8907 or shop online to find the best prices and selection of Subsurface Instruments.
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