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Best Cabling Tools

Best Cabling Tools

Running an Ethernet cable is a great way to improve the connectivity of your home or business. You have to know how to do it correctly, though, if you’re going to achieve the results you want to see. Using the wrong cabling tools, for example, can lead to a disastrous mishap. When you have the right cabling tools, however, you’ll be able to safely route the cable to its destination and ensure that it remains intact throughout the process. Check out these top five porter cable tools and find the one that’s right for your next Ethernet installation project.

Jameson - 24 inch Aerial Buddy Fiber Optic Sheave (SHV-24)

BEST-CABLING-TOOLS-Jameson-SHV-24 The Jameson - 24 inch Aerial Buddy Fiber Optic Sheave (SHV-24) is an indispensable tool for running and Ethernet or fiber optic cable along an extended distance. Its bring yellow color ensure visibility, and its easy to maneuver design makes it ideal for even rough or uneven terrain. The tool is also designed to provide protection to ADSS cables so that they remain jacketed throughout installation.

Jameson - TiiGER Two-Wheel Pole Dolly (1025A)

BEST-CABLING-TOOLS-Jameson-1025A If you need a heavy duty installation tool, the Jameson - TiiGER Two-Wheel Pole Dolly (1025A) is the right tool for the task. This pole dolly is especially suited to assisting installers with elevated installation sites. You can rely on the stable platform and the roller cradle’s high capacity to ensure that you achieve the right level of reach every time.

Jameson - Big Buddy Duct Rodder - (5 Lengths Available)

BEST-CABLING-TOOLS-Jameson-Big-Buddy-Duct-Rodder Choose from five different lengths of the Jameson - Big Buddy Duct Rodder to find the size that’s perfect suited to your cabling project. This cable crimping tool is a great addition to your suite of installation tools thanks to its drag brake as well as its safety feed with an eye control payout. The tool even comes with additional accessories such as a repair kit, a pulling eye, and an end ferrule.

Jameson - Big Buddy EZ-REEL - (5 Lengths Available)

BEST-CABLING-TOOLS-Jameson-Big-Buddy-EZ-Reel Much like the Big Buddy, the Jameson - Big Buddy EZ-REEL comes in five different lengths to offer customized cabling to users. This tool is lauded as one of the top sellers in its class and one of the most durable cabling tools you can invest in. It features pre-loaded replacement reels so that you never have to stop and slow down when your cabling runs dry. This helps you finish the job faster, saving you both time and money.

Jameson - Live Tracer Rodder - Gas & Water Service Lines with Flexible Tip - (5 Sizes Available)

BEST-CABLING-TOOLS-Jameson-Live-Tracer-Rodder Ethernet isn’t the only thing you might need to cable. If you need to install a gas line or a water line, the Jameson - Live Tracer Rodder - Gas & Water Service Lines with Flexible Tip is the tool of choice. It’s designed to provide a Live Tracer, so you can always locate live gas lines all the way from the gas meter to the gas main. Users can connect to the unit’s transmitter to customize its frequency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is fiber optic cable installed?


Fiber optic cables must be installed using the right cabling tools. The cable is run from a home or business’s utility box to a central equipment box that houses the rest of the equipment.

Why do cables need to stay jacketed?

The jacket of a cable is its outermost layer. It provides the cable with insulation and protects the core of the cable from any damage or deterioration.

What happens if a cable gets unjacketed?

If the outermost layer of a cable is compromised, it has been “unjacketed,” which means that it may be exposed to damage — but more importantly, it may pose a safety hazard, too.

Why is the right cabling tool important?

Finding the right cabling tools is essential because they can protect wires from become unjacketed and thus becoming unsafe.

What size cabling tool do I need?


Finding the right size cabling tool can be tricky, but you should start by considering the distance that you will need to carry a cable for. If you are in between sizes, opt for the bigger size — you would rather have too much cabling than too little!

Cabling Tools for Every Job

Whether you’re a professional cable installer or a DIY enthusiast, investing in the right cabling tools is imperative to ensure that you get the job done safely. You can find the best selection of cabling equipment at Engineer Supply. Shop online or give us a call at (800) 591-8907.
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