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Best of Spectra Precision

blog best of spectra precision

Blog best of spectra precision

Spectra Precision is considered to be one of the biggest names in the surveying and construction industries, because they offer quality equipment with many advanced features at a competitive price. They manufacture a variety of optical survey instruments that are backed by superior technical support. The Spectra Precision laser level is known for its precision, which is important for professionals who need to gather precise measurement and layout information. They manufacture a variety of tools that are perfect for construction and surveying professionals. That’s why Spectra Precision has always been considered a reputable manufacturer of quality equipment used in these industries.

Here are five of the best tools made by Spectra Precision.

#1: Spectra Precision 2-Second Theodolite

Blog best of spectra precision PI DET 2 This digital theodolite will give you accurate measurements with an easy-to-use platform that’s both versatile and affordable. It has dual displays and controls that make the instrument more accessible, and the backlit LCD characters are not only easy to read but will also reduce your chance for eye strain and errors. It also has a variety of other features and parameters that are typically found in higher-priced survey instruments. Because of its 2-second accuracy and vertical axis compensation, this instrument can handle any construction job.

#2: Spectra Precision 24X Magnetic Dampened Auto Level Package

Blog best of spectra precision PI Spectra Precision 24x This leveling tool is designed to help you in a number of elevation control and alignment tasks, which can include but may not be limited to:

  • General building construction.
  • Cut-and-fill measurements.
  • Area leveling.
It also has the following features:
  • 24x magnification with magnetic-dampened compensators.
  • Removable top cover for easy access to the compensator.
  • Endless tangent drive.
  • Tilting mirror for easier viewing of the level vial.
  • Peep sight collimator for quick pointing.
Be sure to pick yours up at Engineer Supply today!

#3: Spectra Precision Laser LL300-2 Automatic Self-leveling Laser Level, 10-Foot Grade Rod and Tripod Kit

Blog best of spectra precision PI LL300N 2 The Spectra Precision laser leveling tool can come with your choice of a system case (which will include a receiver, tripod, and your choice of grade rod) or a small carry case that comes with a receiver and clamp. Its fully automatic self-leveling feature makes this device easy to set up, and the rechargeable battery pack or alkaline batteries will keep it working with no downtime due to a loss of power. This Spectra laser level also has the following features:

  • An operating diameter of 1,650 feet (500 meters).
  • Single-axis manual slope mode with “cross-axis” self-leveling.
  • Can withstand drops of up to 3 feet (1 meter) directly onto concrete.
Once you purchase this Spectra Precision laser level, you can choose between an HL450 or HR320 receiver. This will allow you to pick an option that will best suit your needs.

#4: Spectra Precision LL100N-1 Laser Package (tenths)

Blog best of spectra precision PI- LL100N-1 In addition to this Spectra Precision laser, this package will also come with the following items:

  • HR320 receiver.
  • C59 receiver clamp.
  • Your choice of grade rod.
Once you purchase this device, you will have access to a complete leveling crew. It’s also easy to transport, store, and use. Because of its fully automatic self-leveling rotating laser, you’ll be able to set up this device quickly and accurately. It can also withstand a 3-foot tripod tip-over and still be fully functional, which can reduce the costs associated with downtime or repairs. A single person can use this Spectra Precision laser level to perform elevation control within an operating range of 1,150 feet (350 meters) in diameter, and the optional RC601 remote control allows you to perform grade matching tasks from the rod position.

#5: Spectra Precision 24X Magnetic Dampened Auto Level

Blog best of spectra precision PI AL24M This tool from Spectra Precision can be used to perform a variety of elevation control and alignment tasks (including general building construction, area leveling, and landscaping). It also has reliable automatic compensators to make sure the line of sight is stable and accurate. The bright and clear optics have 24x magnification, which will provide a sharp image quality for easier viewing. And the short focusing distance will give you better performance in tight spots or steep slopes. If you’re looking for a Spectra laser level that you can use on your next project, be sure to browse through the broad selection we have at Engineer Supply.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of equipment is made by Spectra Precision?

Blog best of spectra precision

Spectra Precision makes a variety of laser levels, which include the following:
  • Grade lasers.
  • Rotary lasers.
  • Dot/plumb lasers.
  • Line laser levels.
  • Pipe lasers.
  • Laser detectors.
  • Machine control receivers.
  • Laser distance meters.
The company also makes a number of survey instruments, which include:
  • Total stations and theodolites.
  • Digital auto levels.
  • Automatic levels.
  • Data collectors.
  • GIS/GPS/GNSS systems.
  • Prism poles.
  • Surveying rods.
All of these tools come with advanced features that will allow you to get what you need more efficiently.

How do I know my laser level is accurate?

Because you want your laser level to be precise, it’s important to check its calibration and accuracy to avoid surprises. If it’s possible, you should mount your laser level to a tripod and place it at the center of the work area. If the device goes past the maximum deviation allowed by the manufacturer, you will either have to perform a calibration procedure or take it to a local tool supplier of your brand so they can do the calibration for you.

What kind of accessories can I use with a laser level?

You can find a variety of accessories you can use with a laser level, but here are some of the most common:
  • Laser Level Detector— Also called a “laser receiver,” this tool makes it possible to pick up a laser beam when the lighting conditions make it hard to see it with the naked eye.
  • Laser Level Tripod— This three-legged stand can set up your laser level in a way that will allow you to shoot the beam from a specific height.
  • Grade Rod— Also called a “leveling rod,” this tool will allow you to measure differences in elevation. While it can be used by architects, engineers, and contractors, one of the most common applications is for finding laser beams if you’re using a Spectra laser level to measure elevations.
  • Laser Safety Glasses— To protect your eyes from the harmful effects of a laser beam, the lenses of these special glasses can reduce the transmission of most of the light being transmitted to a different wavelength.
Whether you’re looking for a Spectra Precision laser level or some accessories to go with, be sure to browse through the broad selection we have at Engineer Supply.

Can I use a laser level to determine grade?

You can measure grade with a laser level by performing the following steps:
  • Set up the laser level onto a tripod.
  • Turn on the laser level.
  • Determine the initial height where you want to start the grade.
  • Use a laser detector to find the beam.
  • Adjust the laser detector by moving it up and down until you hear a constant beeping sound.
  • Set the grade rod at a different location throughout the construction site.
  • Use a stick to mark the bottom of the grade.
Proper grading is important to the foundation of a construction project, so accuracy is the biggest concern while performing these tasks.

How often should I calibrate my Spectra Precision laser level?

If you want your Spectra Precision laser leveling tools to be as accurate as possible, you will need to have it calibrated on a regular basis. All laser and optical levels should have their calibration checked every six months, and you shouldn’t start any major work until you have checked the unit.
If you want to find the best place to buy a Spectra laser level or some other tool you can use for laser leveling, be sure to look at what we have at Engineer Supply.
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