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Best Sola Levels


Levels are one of the most basic tools on a jobsite, but they’re also one of the most important. An inaccurate level can seriously disrupt a project’s progress and cause inaccuracies in measurements. You never have to worry about this when you opt for a Sola level. Sola levels are designed for industrial use with accuracy and usability in mind. Since the brand’s establishment in 1949, it’s become one of the top manufacturers of premium levels — and these five selections prove that the company’s products are among the best.

Sola 24" Big Red Aluminum Box Beam Level - LSB24


The Sola 24" Big Red Aluminum Box Beam Level - LSB24 is a classic addition to any industrial professional’s toolbox. Whether you work in construction, surveying, or design, you will enjoy this tool’s simple and straightforward design. As the name suggests, the level is housed in a solid red box that makes it easy to use on a wide variety of surfaces in conjunction with your favorite marking tools.

The Sola 24" Big Red Magnetic Aluminum Box Beam Level - LSB24M


The Sola 24" Big Red Magnetic Aluminum Box Beam Level - LSB24M is another excellent entry on the list, and it offers the added bonus of magnetic capability. This magnet is ideal for measuring metals and other materials — and no matter what kind of material you’re measuring, you can rely on the unit’s impeccable accuracy every time. The epoxy coating ensures that this level will last for years to come, too.

Sola 36" Big Red Aluminum Box Beam Level - LSB36


If you’re looking for a box beam level, look no further than the Sola 36" Big Red Aluminum Box Beam Level - LSB36. This Sola level set, like the other models in the series, features a bold red epoxy-coated housing. The inverted position of the level ensures that it’s as accurate as possible. You never need to worry about dropping and damaging this unit, either, thanks to end caps that offer shock absorbency.

Sola 48" Big Red Aluminum Box Beam Level - LSB48


The aluminum that comprises the Sola 48" Big Red Aluminum Box Beam Level - LSB48 is crafted to be impact-resistant and highly durable. It’s just one of the many benefits that this level offers, though—other advantages include the superior speed with which the level offers a reading. Users will appreciate the patented, proprietary SOLA FOCUS vial, too, which offers improved readability.

Sola Big Red Aluminum Box Beam Magnetic Level 24 inches LSB24M BEST-SOLA-LEVELS-BIG-RED-LSB24M

Accuracy and durability intersect in the Sola Big Red Aluminum Box Beam Magnetic Level 24 inches LSB24M. The 30 year guarantee against leaks provides peace of mind that only Sola levels can offer. This model also utilizes a neodymium magnet to optimize its adhesion force and achieve a greater attraction. One of the most impressive features of all, though, is the lateral installation of this magnet, allowing the level to seamlessly measure nearly any surface without damaging or dislodging the magnet component.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sola levels?

Sola is a company that manufactures levels and other equipment. The company is based in Austria, where the vast majority of their products are also produced.

Why should I use a spirit level?

Many construction professionals have transitioned to the use of laser levels, citing their purported accuracy and longer range. There are many reasons why you may still prefer to use a spirit level, though, including their convenience and the superior durability that they can offer over a laser level.

How do you level a surface?

Making a surface level is easy when you have the right level to help you. Simply set the level on the surface in question, adjust it until it is level, and make a line marking its position. You can then level the surface to meet the line.

Why are Sola Levels superior?

There are many features that set Sola levels apart from other manufacturers. One of the most notable of these is the brand’s use of neodymium magnets to optimize the accuracy of the measurements.

How do I know what length level I need?

When you’re trying to figure out what length level to use, remember that it’s better to opt for one that’s too long than one that’s too short!

Sola Levels Are the Best Levels

Sola levels are the ideal instrument for any professional in the construction or surveying trades. No matter what kind of work you do, though, you can rest assured that these tools will provide reliable level readings. Find the best levels at Engineer Supply by shopping online or reaching out to us at (800) 591-8907.
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