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Bosch Measuring Tools

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Bosch Tools makes a variety of products, including a number of measuring devices that offer outstanding precision in the most efficient manner possible. Digital measuring tools will make sure you get the most accurate results during everyday construction site applications — whether it’s leveling, distance measuring, or determining angles and inclines. Bosch power tools are some of the best on the market, and their measuring products are no exception. That’s why you can trust Bosch to give you a durable tool that will give you what you need.

Types of Measuring Tools Made by Bosch

Video Bosch GLM165-40 Blaze pro

Lasers can give you a straight-line reference, which can be useful if you want to take accurate measurements quickly. Bosch Tools offers products that use this technology to help with many different areas of construction, which can include a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. These tools will allow you to measure at much farther distances than a standard tape measure, and some models can connect to a smartphone or tablet (which can allow you to transfer images and manage the entire project from a designated app).

Some of the laser measuring tools made by Bosch include but may not be limited to:

  • Stud Finders— Bosch Tools makes a variety of these products that can be used to scan walls and floors for what might be hidden underneath, which can come in handy for any type of renovation work.
  • Optical Levels— These types of Bosch power tools can be used by surveyors and construction professionals to measure land elevation. They have a telescope that allows you to make accurate measurements, but some of the more advanced models (such as transit levels and theodolites) can do more than the more basic models.
  • Inclinometers and Angle Finders— These tools can be used to measure angles and inclines, similar to what can be done with a protractor. Some units will also allow you to store angle measurements into their internal memory for repeated use.
  • Line Lasers— These Bosch power tools project a laser beam as a straight line, which can be useful for measuring applications. You can find one with a red or green beam, and some of them will produce crosses or other patterns.
  • Point Lasers— Also called “dot lasers,” these tools produce a solid dot onto a specific area and can be used to make sure the area is plumb or level. This can be useful for framing contractors, electricians, and stage rigging professionals who need to level light and speaker rigs.
  • Rotary Lasers— These Bosch tools spin a beam of light at a fast pace, so it gives off the effect of a 360-degree horizontal or vertical plane. These types of laser levels are often used in the construction industry, because they can give you a level reference along any plane.
If you’re looking for a laser level or any other type of Bosch multi-tool, feel free to look at what we have at Engineer Supply. We’re sure you’ll be able to find a product that will meet your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Video Bosch GLM165-40 Blaze pro

What can Bosch measuring tools be used for?

You can find a Bosch multi-tool that can be used to make accurate measurements quickly. And because of their rugged design, they’re guaranteed to do their job in the harshest conditions. That’s why Engineer Supply is proud to carry this brand in our store. Be sure to look at the broad selection of Bosch tools we have in stock, so you can find a product that will meet your specific needs.

How do I use a Bosch laser measure?

Once you find your reference point, turn on the laser level and point it at the target. You can choose your unit of measure (either inches and feet or the metric system). And when the device has completed its measurements, you’ll hear an audible “click.” The completed measurement will show up on the display, which you can record for whatever purpose you need.

Where can I buy Bosch measuring tools?

If you’re looking for a laser level or any other type of Bosch multi-tool, you can find what you need at Engineer Supply. We have a broad selection of Bosch power tools that can meet a variety of needs. Feel free to look at what we have in our store, so you can find a tool that will meet your specific needs.
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