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Geomax Interview

Geomax Interview

Geomax is part of the Hexagon Group, which is an international conglomerate. But the company itself focuses on the manufacturing of precision survey instruments — from rotating lasers to high-end robotic total stations. One of the many types of Geomax survey equipment is the Zone Series, which features six models ranging from the Zone 20H (which is a basic single-plane laser level) to the Zone 80DG (which is the highest distance field-grade laser). And, of course, there are several models in between. The Zone 60HV can work on both the horizontal and vertical planes. It can be laid on its side if you need a straight-line reference on a vertical plane. Each unit has an IP68 Rating and has a battery run time of up to 60 hours.

Products in Geomax’s Zone Series

Geomax Zone Laser Rotators

There are many types of Geomax surveying equipment, but the Zone Series is good for people who need an accurate straight-line reference. This series has several models, which include the following:
  • Zone 20H — Like many of the Geomax positioning and survey equipment, this rotary laser can withstand all kinds of environmental conditions. And it’s covered by a 3-year warranty. This entry-level laser level has a housing that’s solidly built and includes a straightforward interface. It also has all the functions needed for regular and flexible use. It’s great for general construction and leveling applications (such as setting forms, checking grades, and controlling depths for excavation work). If you set it up within its self-leveling range, it will automatically level so you can get an accurate horizontal plane with the laser beam. And once it has been leveled, the head will start rotating (which is when it’s ready to be used).
  • Zone 20HV — This piece of Geomax survey equipment has all the features of the Zone 20H but with the ability to level along a vertical plane. It also includes a long-range remote that can be used to adjust and align the device on any job site. So, it’s the perfect multi-purpose laser for any craftsman. It can self-level both horizontally and vertically. It also has a 90-degree manual slope in dual-axis mode.
  • Zone 40H — This is the best construction laser for rough environments, and it even gives you the option to manually enter grades. Combine it with a rugged housing as well as a powerful and dependable core, this laser level can be a long-term tool for any heavy-duty leveling task. It has an accuracy of 1/32 of an inch at 98.43 feet, and it has a top working range diameter of 3,000 feet with the ZRP105 and ZRD105 receivers. It can level itself along a horizontal plane, with manual leveling in dual-axis mode.
  • Geomax Zone Laser Rotators

  • Zone 60HG — This is a semi-automatic laser level, which means that it only self-levels when it’s in level mode and not when a grade has been entered. Once it has been leveled, the head will start to rotate (which means that it’s ready for use). In grade mode, it will first check the position of the beam at level and will then adjust to the desired grade input. If a single grade is entered, the cross axis will continue to self-level. And once it has reached the desired grade, it won’t self-level but is monitored by Bump Alert and temperature change functions to make sure you get reliable grade values.
  • Zone 60DG — This fully-automatic dual-grade laser is specifically designed for construction workers who need the dependability and accuracy of a professional-grade laser level. Once you enter the grade percentage in either single or dual grade mode, the unit will automatically self-level to that slope. And it will work even in dual-axis mode. With a straightforward user interface on both the laser level and the RF remote, you will always be in control. And like all the other types of Geomax survey equipment, it comes with a 3-year warranty.
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