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How do you measure ground distance?

Blog how do you measure ground distance

Tape measures have limited use when it comes to long distances. Explore how to use the latest measuring wheels to estimate distances across ground. Whether you’re tracing a straight line on flat ground or navigating uneven terrain, find out how to use one of these professional devices today and where to go to find a quality device.

Blog how do you measure ground distance

Measure Flat Terrain

A straight line on flat terrain is the easiest way to use a measuring wheel. Simply start it flat on the ground, be sure to reset the reading and walk in a straight direction and an even pace. Once you reach the end, the mechanical counter or digital reader will provide you with an estimate of the total length.

Correct a Sloped Measurement

A topographical survey or other measuring projects may require you to correct sloped measurements. If you need the true horizontal dimension across a slope, you’ll need two poles or graduated rods. Set a fixed vertical point that’s level on both rods and measure the difference. Use this to adjust the sloped measurement as you roll your measuring wheel up or down the slope.

Adjust an Indirect Measurement

Indirect measurements also require you to adjust your measurement. Calculate the horizontal distance along the straight line to arrive at an indirect measurement estimate. This calculation may be more of an estimate than others, but can still be useful as you determine the approximate length between two points in difficult terrain.

Use a Measuring Wheel for Calculate a Perimeter

The final way you can use a measuring wheel is when calculating a perimeter. To avoid inconsistencies with turning corners, simply measure each side of the object as a separate, straight line. Add the totals of each distance measuring wheel measurement to arrive at a perimeter measurement.

Blog how do you measure ground distance

Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate Are Measuring Wheels?

A measuring wheel is intended to be a measurement estimation device. While some are far more accurate than others, there is still a margin of error with these devices. Expect measurements to vary up to 2% when using a wheel to measure a horizontal distance or perimeter.

What Can I Measure With a Measuring Wheel?

Measuring wheels are used to measure a range of projects for construction, surveying and other applications. Use one to measure a horizontal distance directly or indirectly, as well as a perimeter. Find out how to calculate a horizontal distance even on sloped ground to receive an estimate for your next project.

What Types of Wheels Are Available?

These devices can be used to measure both metric and standard distances. Compare mechanical and digital devices for your particular project. Mechanical wheels don’t require batteries, but have more limited measuring features and capabilities. Choose an electric measuring device to save measurements and see feet/inches and feet/tenths.

Do Wheels Have a Maximum Measurement?

Compare features and maximum lengths before purchasing a measuring device. Some digital devices are capable of measuring up to 100,000 feet at a time. Check the maximum measurement of your device before you begin to ensure you receive the full estimate of the field, orchard or property line.

Where Can I Buy a Measuring Wheel?

Invest in a professional wheel tape measure at your leading supply store. Shop online to easily compare wheels and find one with the features you need. Select the size, digital reading or mechanical wheel and the maximum length necessary to handle your professional projects. Some wheels include paint markings and other features for added convenience.

Shop for a measuring wheel today at Engineer Supply to estimate distances at home or at your next jobsite. Compare leading brands and use customer reviews to pick up the wheel that fits your professional application.
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