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How To Read Tape Measure

How To Read Tape Measure

How To Accurately Read a Tape Measure

The tape measure is one of the most important tools involved in the daily routines of construction workers, carpenters, craftsmen, and many other professionals. However, you don’t need to be an expert in a specific trade in order to require what this tool can provide. In fact, the average person is definitely going to need to take measurements at some point in his or her life. This means that you can definitely benefit on learning how to read an engineers tape measure in advance so that you feel prepared for the tasks ahead.

Take a moment to review these points and gain some more insight into how you can use this measuring device to your advantage. The more you know, the easier it will be to see consistent and reliable results.


Understand Your Goal

First and foremost, you need to understand a few basic points when it comes to using a tape measure. Though the tool works in the same general way no matter what purpose you are using it for, you still want to base how you manipulate the device based around your exact goal. For example, some people may need to use a measuring tape in order to take readings on the size of a room so that new furniture can be moved into it. This will be a different process than taking measurements on a piece of lumber for cutting.

Know Your Gear

Next, you need to take a look at the type of measuring tape you will be using for your task. A rolling tape measure will function in a way that is a bit different than a standard tape measure. This means that you will find it most useful to take a look at the details surrounding how to use your tape measure. By assuming you know when you actually don’t, you run the risk of making some major mistakes when taking a reading and completely throwing off the rest of your project.

Follow the Basic Concept

Reading a tape measure is easy. If you’re using a laser measuring tape, be sure to follow the instructions from the manufacturer. For traditional tape measures, learn about the markings. If you need to measure inches, pay attention to the big numbers. For half inches, use the marks between the two inch marks. The smaller lines after that are for quarter inches, and the next lines are meant for marking one-eighth of an inch. Understanding this can make a world of difference toward the results.

Naturally, you will need to use the correct measurement metric in order to see the best results. If you have a device that measures in the metric system, you will need to learn more about the way that the tool is marked in order to gain accurate readings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Find an Engineers Tape Measure?

When you’re ready to invest in the right tools and accessories for your next project, all you have to do is explore the variety of options available to you at Engineer Supply. Look over your choices for an engineers tape measure and discover a perfect fit.

What Are the Important Qualities of Selecting a Tape Measure?


If you’re looking for a quality tape measure, there are a few factors to consider. Typically, points to pay attention to include the device’s size, hook type, graduations, blade material, and overall accuracy.

What Can’t You Do With a Measuring Tape?

Though you can accomplish a lot with this tool, a tape measure cannot be used for everything. Pay attention to the classifications of the devices you are looking over, as Class I devices tend to offer more accuracy in more scenarios than other classes.

What Are the Characteristics of a Measuring Tape?

A measuring tape is often defined as a ruler that is flexible. It sometimes is made of cloth, plastic, metal, though other materials can be used. It is most often used to measure length or distance.

How Often Should a Tape Measure Be Replaced?

Unlike other tools, which might degrade over time, a tape measure is likely going to last you many long years. Naturally, be sure to pay attention to whether or not the tape has become faded or worn in order to see the best results.

Learning how to use certain tools can make a world of difference when you’re about to start a big project. Whether you’re a skilled professional in a field like construction or you’re someone who needs the help of an engineers measuring tape for a small task, knowing as much as you can in advance will prove advantageous. Look at your options at Engineer Supply to find the right tool for you and see the results you are after.
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