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How to use a Schonstedt MAGGIE Magnetic Locator

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Setting Up a Schonstedt Maggie

If you need to find and trace and iron or steel object underground, you need a magnetic locator. Schonstedt is the best in the business for both magnetic and pipe/cable locators. The Maggie is their most sensitive and most versatile magnetic option. Plus, it is designed for one-handed operation. If you are interested in the Schonstedt Maggie, the following guide will help you get started using it.

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The Maggie has only a few easy-to-use controls. These make the device easy to use with a single hand, pressing buttons with your thumb.
  • On/Volume: This button turns the device on when it is off. If the magnetic locator is already on, it will toggle between volume settings (high, medium, mute).
  • Off: This button turns the device off.
  • Gain Up: Increase the gain by pressing this button. High gain is useful for detecting small objects at a great distance. There are four settings: low, medium (default), high and extra high.
  • Gain Down: Decrease the gain with this button. Low gain is useful for detecting large objects in close proximity.


Blog how to use schonstedt maggie SI indicator

Gain is indicated on the LCD screen in the control panel. There are four boxes on the left side of the screen indicating each of the four gain levels. The battery level is indicated by four boxes on the right side of the LCD screen. They represent 100% to 75%, 75% to 50%. 50% to 25% and less than 25% from top to bottom. Signal strength is represented by a U-shaped bar graph. The right side of the graph will fill when a positive polarity is detected by the Schonstedt magnetic locator. The left side fills when a negative polarity is detected. More black-filled sections mean a stronger signal. Additionally, there is a milligauss reading for the relative signal strength. This is a number in the center of the bar graph with either “+” or “-“ to indicate polarity. It is marked with mGΔ. Finally, signal strength is also indicated by an audio cue. The higher the frequency of the cue, the stronger the signal.

Connectors and Accessories

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The Maggie has a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. You can connect any headphones with an appropriate connector to listen for audio cues. Adjust the volume with the control panel to suit your needs. It also has an accessory jack plug for protecting the headphone jack from dirt when not in use. This is included with the product and stays attached for each access.


Blog how to use schonstedt maggie SI battery

The battery compartment is located at the bottom of the Schonstedt Maggie handle. It is held in place by a standard thumbscrew. It requires a single nine-volt battery to operate. To replace, simply open the compartment and switch the battery for a new one.


Blog how to use schonstedt maggie SI operating

Searching for magnetic fields using the Maggie is easy once you master the basic search procedure. Below is some information on how to effectively use the device and how to ensure maximum accuracy. Soon, you will be locating even the most hard-to-find underground objects.

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Recommended Search Procedure

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Before using the device, remove any wristwatches or other magnetic material from your arm. There is an upper sensor near the handle that could detect items on your body. Also, many work boots and shoes contain magnetic materials. Always point the locator away from your feet to avoid false positives. When ready, follow these steps:
  1. Turn the instrument on.
  2. The gain will default to medium. See the controls section to learn more about setting gain.
  3. Grasp the device by holding the handle below the control panel in one hand.
  4. Point the locator at the ground angling it slightly away from your body.
  5. Sweep the device smoothly and slowly from side to side.
  6. When the locator detects a magnetic field, the signal strength will start to peak. See the indicators section for more on reading the signal strength.
  7. Once you have detected an object, hold the locator vertically and move it back and forth slowly in an “X” shape.
  8. This process will help you find the peak signal which indicates that the device is directly over a magnetic pole. See the signal patterns to learn more about this.

Signal Patterns

If a target is oriented vertically, there will only be one peak as you pass the locator over it. This is because both magnetic poles are underneath the Maggie at the same time. Conversely, if the target is oriented horizontally, there will be two peaks, one at each end. One peak is the positive pole and the other is the negative pole. By looking at the number of peaks and the polarity, you can distinguish between orientations. For example, two peaks of the same polarity typically indicate two vertical targets next to each other. Conversely, if they are opposite polarity, it is likely a single, horizontal target. Strongly magnetic targets near the surface may produce false peaks. Make sure to scan the area carefully to find the true peak. Consider lowering the gain or raising the locator to find the strongest signal. If you are setting stakes, make sure you place them in the orientation that gives the strongest signal. You can check this with the Maggie before burying the stake.

Suggestions for Locating Common Objects

Of course, most targets are not easily detectable stakes. These are some tips on locating common objects with a magnetic locator:
  • Manholes: These will produce the strongest signal near the edge. You should be able to easily trace the edge up to 12 feet deep.
  • Septic Tanks: With the right gain setting, you should be able to locate the handles of a septic tank. These typically are higher than other parts and produce a stronger signal.
  • Objects Near Fence: Chain-link fence and other metal fences can produce interference. Reduce the gain settings and use only the lower sensor close to the target.
  • Cast-Iron Pipes: Piping produces the strongest signals near joints. Trace along the pipe to map out different sections.

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