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Keson MP401

Video keson mp401 measuring wheel

Whether you work as a surveyor or you are someone involved in the world of remodeling or construction, you need to make sure you always come to a job with the right tools. Measuring wheels, for example, are a classic tool to help professionals in various industries figure out the exact measurements of a space in a precise and simple way. In fact, this tool is one of the oldest surveying tools that are still being used by experts in the field today. Learning more about this tool can help you understand its importance to your line of work.

Measuring Wheels 101

When you need to figure out the perimeter of a space or are looking to create specific boundaries during a job, a wheel for measuring is definitely going to make the job a lot easier. All you need to do is walk along the edge of where you believe the boundary to be and the wheel takes efficient and straightforward measurements as you move. Whether you’re trying to figure out the edges of a property for landscaping or determining where the borders of a construction site should go, this tool can be invaluable.

An Efficient and Simple Design

This tool is quite simple in the way it is designed. It is basically a wheel attached to a long handle. The wheel measuring tape marks the ground as the wheel rotates, helping a surveyor calculate the specific distance between points. While this type of device can be used across a variety of jobs, it produces the most consistent and efficient results when utilized on a flat surface. Elevations cannot be factored in, unfortunately, and inconsistent terrain tends to produce results that are a bit harder to guarantee in terms of accuracy.

Basic Uses of the Wheel

Video keson mp401 measuring wheel When you need to estimate how far away points are from each other, a distance measuring wheel can be vital to your success. Achieving a rough estimate of the space between two property lines, for example, becomes a lot easier when you are able to calculate by simply walking from one point to the next. On top of this, the wheel is a fast tool. You won’t need to bother lugging around a ton of equipment when you have a simple and easy-to-use device that is designed for such a task.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Measuring Wheel Used For?

A wheel for measuring is used by surveyors to measure the distance between two points. When a job needs to be marked or surveyed in a fast manner, this tool makes the job a lot easier and produces excellent results. Plus, it is portable and completely easy to figure out.

Are Measuring Wheels Accurate?

Measuring wheels cannot offer total accuracy, but they can provide a very close reading. This is a tool that is predominantly used for estimates, meaning you don’t want to use it as the final way of determining an exact measurement. It is a great way to begin marking boundaries and estimating distances, however.

What Is a Trundle Wheel?

Measuring wheels have been around for centuries and are known by many names. One of the more common terms to describe this device is a trundle wheel. No matter what it is called, this tool is ideal for estimates and simple measurements during a survey.

Can Measuring Wheels Account for Elevation?

Video keson mp401 measuring wheel
Unfortunately, wheels meant for measuring are not able to take into account elevation, inclines, and other factors of uneven terrain. Still, it is a perfect fit when you need to measure distance across a flat surface. For elevation, additional tools will be required to produce good results that you can use in your report.

How Do I Buy a Measuring Wheel?

Purchasing this tool is as easy as conducting a quick search. Once you know which models and brands are the most reliable, you can easily place an order for the product you desire. In the digital age, ordering online is the best and most reliable option available to you.
Whether you’re trying to determine where the edge of someone’s property is or you want to make sure there’s enough space between your job site and a nearby building, measuring wheels are some of the most important tools of your trade. Take a moment to research the best options for your needs. Once you know what you’re looking for, reach out to Engineer Supply to place your order. In no time, you’ll have the device you need to deliver excellent results to clients.
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