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New Laser Levels from Bosch, Topcon, and Leica GeoSystems

This spring sees new lasers launched by three major manufacturer’s, Bosch, Topcon, and Leica Geosystems. Bosch has launched a new GLL3 line with three new models, the GLL3-300, the GLL3-330CG, and the GLL3-330G. Topcon has replaced it’s RL-H4 series with the new RL-H5 series, and Leica has come out with upgradeable lasers. Below, we will discuss these new lasers and their specifications.

The Bosch GLL3 provides fast, one-spot job setup, and is an all-in-one level and alignment solution. The new Bosch GLL3 360 degrees family provide a 360 degrees horizontal plane and two 360 degrees vertical planes. These planes cover the floor, wall, and ceiling to work with all leveling needs. Quickly arrange and square the room’s layout using the two vertical planes that cross at 90 degrees.

The basic GLL3-300 model is an entry level option to the new GLL3 family. It has upgraded diodes with a brighter red beam, creating a visible range of 200 feet in diameter. When paired with the LR6 or LR8 laser receivers, the visible range is increased to 300 feet in diameter. The GLL3-300 operates on four AA alkaline batteries. This is the perfect leveling alignment laser when you need to get the job done quickly and simply.

The GLL3-330C and GLL3-330CG have more functions than the GLL3-300 model. The GLL3-330C is an updated red beam laser, and the GLL3-330CG is a green beam laser. The GLL3-330CG generates green lines up to 4X brighter than standard red beams. These two are Bluetooth compatible. Using your smart phone and the Bosch Levelling Remote App, you can turn the laser on and off, select the number of planes active, adjust the visibility of the laser lines, check battery status, and receive out-of-level alerts. The GLL3-330C and GLL3-330CG have a visible range of 200 feet in diameter, but paired with the LR6 or LR8, the range increases to 330 feet in diameter. Dual power technology gives the GLL3-330C and GLL3-330CG more versatility by operating by a 12V Max Lithium-ion battery or four AA alkaline batteries. If you’re looking for a simple leveling alignment laser to pair with your smart phone for easy control, look no further than these models.

All three lasers have the Smart Pendulum system that allows the device to self-level and indicate out-of-level conditions up to 4 degrees. All three models also have Bosch’s new Visimax Technology to ensure maximum performance by monitoring the laser’s temperature. This feature helps to maintain the life and reliability of the device even if used in extreme temperatures. If Visimax determines that the laser is working too hard, it will dial back the power output without interrupting the visibility of the beams. Whether you are looking for a basic leveling alignment laser, or something more advanced, the GLL3 360 degrees family is worth looking into.

In with the new and out with the old. Topcon has replaced one of it’s most popular rotary laser series, the RL-H4, with the upgraded RL-H5 series. This new series is backed with Topcon’s 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. The RL-H5B is a simple and affordable option for those looking to find horizontal accuracy only, for the RL-H5B is not capable of doing slope operations. It does boast long range accuracy of 400 m (approximately 1300 ft) with the use of the LS-80L laser receiver and has a battery life of up to 100 hours on four D cell batteries.

The RL-H5A is available in both alkaline batteries and rechargeable battery options. The RL-H5A is capable of performing a simple, manual one axis slope, and has a longer range of 800 m (approximately 2600 feet). The alkaline model is only available with the LS-80L receiver, but you have the option of the LS-80L or LS-100D receiver with the rechargeable models. The LS-100D receiver has a digital read-out and more advanced features such as a display lock, while the LS-80L does not. The RL-H5A alkaline model has a battery operating time of 100 hours, and the rechargeable model has an operating time of 60 hours. All in all, the new RL-H5 series is a simple, versatile, all-in-one rotary laser.

Leica has introduced the first ever series of upgradeable lasers. The Rugby CLA has a simple base unit that offers one-button horizontal leveling. Each base unit can then be adapted to any application through the purchase of software upgrades. Pay for the functionality you need without having features that you don’t use. Each unit also comes with the Combo receiver, which acts as a laser receiver and a remote control. These upgrades and calibrations must be performed by a Leica representative.

EngineerSupply will offer the base unit with the CLX600 and CLX700 software. The CLX600 software adds +/-15% fully automatic grade functionality in single axis with a dial-in option. This software option lets you manually enter slopes in the X axis for building ramps, driveways, etc. The CLX700 software adds +/-15% fully automatic grade functionality in second axis with a dial-in option. This software option lets you manually enter slopes in the X and Y axis for driveways, ramps, roads, parking lots, etc. Both models have a working range of approximately 4430 ft with the Combo receiver.

From smarter features such as being app-compatible to upgrading software on a unit itself, this spring brings new and exciting technology for lasers. If you are looking for a simple, all-in-one rotary laser or level/alignment laser, take a look at these three brands. Bosch, Topcon, and Leica are bringing their lasers into the future with uniquely upgraded simplicity.

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