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Spectra Precision Theodolite: Product Review

Spectra Theodolite Review

If you are in need of an angle measuring instrument that can handle the rugged demands of any construction site with extreme precision and accuracy, the Spectra Precision DET-2 is the choice. There are many things about this instrument that make it a favorite of commercial construction applications, and the fact that is a part of the Spectra Precision brand makes it highly trusted and dependable. As an optical survey tool, the DET-2 can’t be beaten.

Versatile and Affordable

When it comes to quality products, there is fear that a high price tag will keep necessary equipment out of reach. That isn’t the case with the DET-2. Considered one of the more affordable theodolites on the market, you aren’t getting a product that has sacrificed quality for cost. It is an easy-to-use tool that can do a number of different things, increasing the productivity and efficiency of workers out on a job site. Common functions can be accessed through a six-button keypad, and crew members don’t need special training to operate the machine. A simple, intuitive operation is one of the leading benefits of this theodolite.

Spectra Precision Theodolite Review

Extreme Precision

Measurements have to be accurate if the job is going to get done correctly. There can be no compromise in this area no matter how demanding the job or site conditions may be. The DET-2 has a two-inch accuracy specification and a vertical axis compensation to make sure your measurements on right on target. You can easily set the lines and elevations or turn angles through this easy-to-use instrument that has a large display with high-quality optics. The option for up to a 30x magnification on the telescope makes it easy to see distances near and far with absolute clarity.

Key Benefits

In addition to providing precise measurements and easy operations, there are several other notable features of the DET-2. Here are several of them.
  • Reduced eye fatigue and reading errors from a dual LCD with oversized characters
  • Telescope reticle and back-lit display enables the crew to take accurate readings in low light conditions and for extended hours
  • Customizable and programmable to several users and projects
  • Easy, efficient set-up through the use of an optical plummet
  • Durable carrying case with rain hood and additional accessories
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Order a Spectra Precision Theodolite?

Spectra Precision Theodolite Review

You will find everything you need at Engineer Supply. From the top-rated theodolite to other survey equipment, we carry a full supply of tools and equipment needed for a variety of construction projects or commercial jobs. We offer the best deals and have factory authorization from industry-leading manufactures around the globe. Use our quick and reliable service to get the equipment you need delivered promptly.

How Is the DET-2 Powered?

The tool relies on a rechargeable battery. Each purchase includes a NiMH rechargeable battery pack and corresponding charger, but it can also support alkaline battery backup. The included alkaline battery pack can hold four standard AA batteries. While the rechargeable batteries are efficient and more affordable, having backup power is a great bonus.

How Can the Det-2 Be Used?

This tool can be used across a variety of applications. It can be used for basic grading work, aligning curtain walls or forms, conducting short-range leveling or for anchor bolt alignment. Anywhere that accurate measuring of lines and angles is needed, the DET-2 can handle the job. It is durable and tough, ready for the job site.

Are There Any Companion Tools for the DET-2?

Depending on the job, it is common for a crew to rely on more than just a theodolite to get the work done. While the DET-2 can do the measuring, you may still need a magnetic locator, tripod, survey markers or grade rods. You can find a wide selection of surveying equipment at Engineer Supply.

Does the DET-2 Come With a Warranty?

The Spectra Precision DET-2 has a one-year warranty on this model. However, you will find that the IP54 environmental rating is an indication of how durable this tool is.  It was specifically designed to withstand the water and dust commonly found on a construction site. The carrying case keeps the machine protected while in transport.
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