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Tape measure tricks for all handymen and renovators

blog tape measure tricks for all handymen and renovators

Though it’s one of the smallest tools you could find in a tool chest, the tape measure could easily pass for the most commonsense or practical invention in the construction industry. It doesn’t seem to take a lot of skill to use, making it a quick choice for handymen of all experience levels. Did you realize there are some additional features of this crucial measuring tool that can be used to get more done around a job site?

blog tape measure tricks for all handymen and renovators

Handyman Tips for Use

When you shop at Engineer Supply, you have a wide selection of measuring tapes. For the average handyman or renovator, there are some neat tricks that can make your life easier when carrying around a tape measure.

A Built-In Stabilizer

Working with a measuring tape is all about extender the ruler slide to determine a distance. Many people will try to clasp or catch the edge of the slide on the edge of a surface and walk backward to stretch out the tape. There is space in the metal snare that many overlook. This is called a nail and screw snatch, and it was designed to slip snugly over the top of a screw or nail to hold the tape in place.

A Built-In Place Holder

Do you still walk around with a contractor pencil tucked above your ear when working on projects? You can skip this look and discomfort by relying on the serrated edge of the metal snare to do your notetaking. The edge can be sawed across a surface and carve out a marking for the length you are looking for.

A Better Building Companion

One really beneficial thing about this tool is the versatility to help at any job site. You will find that there are sizes and shapes of measures that can reach into the most challenging of places but yet provide more accuracy than your building companion. The quality of materials with fiberglass or steel tapes also guarantee long-term use, no matter what kind of environment you are working in.

A Baseline Estimate

It can be hard to always have the right tool handy for odd jobs, but a measuring tape is useful in a number of situations. You can use the housing of the tape make estimates on things that required corner to corner measuring. The length of the housing counts as part of the measurement on the tape, which means you can extend your measurement abilities more accurately.

Shop Laser Tape Measures

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Laser Tape Measure?

blog tape measure tricks for all handymen and renovators

Anyone looking for a precise measurement should invest in a laser measuring tool. Using a pulse of light to capture the distance between a target, it analyzes how long it took the laser reflection to return against the distance. These are good for measuring long distances when no one is around to help.

How Accurate Is a Measuring Tape?

The accuracy of measurement has a lot to do with the quality of the product you purchased. When you shop with Engineer Supply, you can have full confidence that the product you purchase is from a nationally-recognized brand. In fact, we are a factory authorized dealer for several of the most trusted names in the industry.

What Is the True Zero Feature?

The adjustable end of a tape is left loose for a reason. The first inch of the tape is actually 1/16 of an inch short, which is supposed to give you a true zero reading whether you are measuring the inside or outside of a surface. In turn, the metal snare makes up that 1/16 of an inch.

Is a Laser Measure Always the Best Tool?

Because lasers require reflection for accuracy, there are some conditions that could impact your measurement results. These factors include highly reflective surfaces, dark or wet surfaces, intense ambient light, poor temperature calibration or temperatures that are too cold, shimmering surfaces, or colorless or transparent surfaces.

What Is the Difference Between Fiberglass or Steel Tapes?

Your worksite may be more demanding on your tools, and steel tapes hold up to tough field conditions. They may be heavier than a fiberglass tape, but they can withstand more wear and tear. A fiberglass option is lightweight and easy to use. These are also a safer option when considering electrical hazards.

Your tape measure is a handy tool that comes with several features able to make your project easier. For the best selection in measuring tapes, shop the selection at Engineer Supply.
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