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Top 10 Measuring Tapes of 2021

Top Measuring Tapes Few tools are as essential on the worksite as a good tape measure. Though it’s one of the most basic pieces of equipment, it’s also one of the most important, and not all measuring tapes are created equal. If you’re in the market for a new one, and you’re wondering where to find the best selection, consider shopping for a measuring tape online. Whether you’re a construction manager, appraiser, or surveyor, these measuring tapes are professional-grade and ready to be used on the job.

ProTape 200' Steel Blade Measuring Tape 59937


Spanning an impressive 200’, the ProTape 200' Steel Blade Measuring Tape 59937 comes in three different models: feet, 10ths, or 100ths. All models, though, include features such as the following:

  • Open housing
  • Folding hook end
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Ergonomic handle
ProTape is top of the line when it comes to industrial equipment and supplies, including measuring tapes. Specializing in specialty models and rugged, durable cases, any tape measure from ProTape is sure to last.

Sokkia Eslon Fiberglass Appraisers Measuring Tape 845274


Surveyors and appraisers need measuring tapes that are flexible, durable, and accurate. The Sokkia Eslon Fiberglass Appraisers Measuring Tape 845274 is all of these things, with three models to choose from: feet, 10ths, or 100ths. Other features include:

  • Appraisers hook end
  • Extended length of 100 ft.
  • Marked only on one side
  • Has attached reel
This model’s fiberglass construction further solidifies its durability and quality. With a shatterproof case and lightweight design, it’s perfect for surveyors and appraisers alike.

Keson SNR Series 300' Steel Blade Measuring Tape with Hook End


The Keson SNR series boasts a collection of measuring tapes with steel, long tapes and incredibly durable stainless steel housing. An ergonomic handle coated with rubber makes handling comfortable even on long days. Users will also enjoy the following:

  • Reinforcement with rivets
  • Hook end
  • Crank handle made of metal
  • Shovel grip for easy handling
A Keson tape measure is built to last, and models in the SNR series are particularly durable. Anybody looking for an easy-to-use measuring tape will appreciate this option.

Keson NRS Series 330'/100m Steel Blade Measuring Tape with Speed Rewind with Hook End


The NRS series from Keson, like the aforementioned SNR series, is built for function and durability. This model, in particular, is ideal for users who require a high speed rewind function. Additional details include:

  • Steel blade double coated in nylon
  • Highly visible orange casing
  • Casing made from polycarbonate
  • Hand coated in rubber for comfort
When you’re looking for a measuring tape online, the Keson NRS Series 330'/100m Steel Blade Measuring Tape with Speed Rewind with Hook End is one of the best models you’ll find.

Keson NR Series 100' Steel Blade Measuring Tape with Hook End - Feet, 10ths, 100ths


A good measuring tape can endure any conditions encountered in the field. This is exactly what the Keson NR Series 100' Steel Blade Measuring Tape with Hook End offers, in addition to features such as:

  • Three versions available: feet, 10ths, and 100ths
  • Housing reinforced with double screws
  • Polycarbonate case resistant to breaks
  • Highly durable nylon coating on blade
Keson once again proves that they manufacture the highest quality products—and this model is no exception. Invest in the NR Series for optimal performance.

Sokkia Eslon Fiberglass Appraiser's Measuring Tape 845174


Shopping for a measuring tape online reveals that some are simply better quality than others. In the top class are tapes made from material such as fiberglass, like this Sokkia Eslon model. Some of its other benefits include:

  • Available in feet, inches, or 8ths
  • Appraisers hook end
  • Only marked on one side
  • Durable break-resistant casing
Designed for use measuring buildings, it is perfect for appraisers and anybody else in need of a reliable professional measuring tape.

Komelon The Professional 433IEHV 33' Engineer's Measuring Tape 870433

If you’re looking to get back to the basics, The Professional from Komelon is for you. This traditionally-designed measuring tape has an ergonomic casing, 33 ft. extended length, and an internal mechanism that provides remarkably smooth operation. Other selling points include:
  • Blade coated with nylon for durability
  • Highly rated by customers
  • Resistant to bending and kinking
  • Chrome-colored steel casing
Blade edges are also de-burred to prevent cracking, corrosion, and damage from the elements. You can count on a Komelon, especially this one, for consistent performance.

Seco 25 Foot Heavy-Duty Surveyors and Engineers Measuring Tape 4769-02


Seco, like the aforementioned Komelon, offers traditional measuring tapes that are best for DIYers, construction managers, and surveyors and engineers. This model is specifically intended for the latter two groups, with features such as:

  • Casing coated in rubber
  • Large printed numbers for easy reading
  • Limited lifetime manufacturers warranty
  • Lock and release activated by thumb
Straightforward and simple, this unit is versatile enough to be used in a range of applications and durable enough to last.

ProTape 300' Steel Blade Measuring Tape 59929


This ProTape measuring tape comes in three models for max versatility. Choose from increments of feet, inches, 8th. Or if you need to measure feet, inches, 8ths, m , and cm, or feet, 10ths, and 100ths, select one of these models. Other features include:

  • ABS plastic case
  • Ergonomically contoured handle
  • Extra large sized stake
  • Open housing
The traditional folding hook end makes this measuring tape functional for whatever measuring needs you may have, and the one year manufacturer’s limited warranty ensures its longevity.

Sokkia Eslon Fiberglass Appraiser's Measuring Tape Refill 845284


Sokkia Eslon’s collection of appraiser’s measuring tapes offers the best of simplicity, quality, and function. When your tape needs a refill, this one is designed for fiberglass appraiser’s tapes, and features the following:

  • Only printed on one side
  • Measurements in feet, 10ths, and 100ths
  • Compatible with Sokkia Eslon measuring tapes
Keep an extra refill on hand for when you need it unexpectedly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between surveyor and appraiser measuring tapes?

Top Measuring Tapes

A surveying measuring tape and an appraiser measuring tape are both used to measure distances, but surveying tapes are designed specifically for measuring slopes and horizontal and vertical planes.

What are different blade materials?

The blade of your measuring tape—the part that extends to actually measure—can be made of an array of materials. Some are made of linen or cloth while others are made of steel and other metals.

Is a laser or manual measuring tape better?

Laser and manual measuring tapes have comparable accuracy, so one is not better than the other. Manual measuring tapes require less setup, though, and can be easier to use for immediate tasks. Tenths on a survey-grade rod are equal to 1 3/16 inches, which allows for a simpler conversion while you’re out on the field. Converting surveying tenths to inches is a matter of multiplying them by a factor of 1 3/16, but there’s another convenient rule to remember. A single inch is equal to 0.0833 tenths of a foot. This will allow you to convert imperial measurements to decimal feet when it’s needed. But if working with hundredths of a foot is too difficult, you can convert 10 inches to 0.0833 tenths and divide the result by 10.

How long should a tape measure last?

The longevity of your tape measure depends on how frequently you use it and what conditions it’s subjected to. Many come with warranties, though, that ensure your purchase is covered.

What kind of measuring tape should I get?

What kind of measuring tape you invest in depends on what kind of measuring you need to do. Consider whether you need to measure buildings, flat planes, slopes, or horizontal areas, and shop accordingly.

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