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Top 5 Measuring Wheels

Top 5 Measuring Wheels

Top 5 Measuring Wheels

When the time comes to start a new project, there are several preliminary steps you will need to consider. In many scenarios, you may need to take measurements to gain more insight into the terrain. To achieve this goal, you will need to use a number of essential tools. If you’re looking to obtain accurate readings in the most simple way possible, measuring wheels are an excellent fit. Take a look at these top options to figure out which tool is the right fit for your needs.

Rolatape Professional 400 Series


When your aim is to take on some heavy construction, you need to make sure you invest in equipment that is designed for the task at hand. The Rolatape Professional 400 Series has been configured for those in need of gaining perspective on large-scale commercial operations. The all-steel construction of this option makes it incredibly durable and an ideal fit for a variety of difficult jobs Plus, the braking feature makes it easy to retain info on previous measurements between readings.

DuraWheel DW-Pro


Another heavy-duty option to look into when you require a new distance measuring wheel is the DuraWheel DW-Pro. If you’ve been working as a contractor or surveyor for many years, you need a tool that has been constructed to meet your level of experience. The DW-Pro features a well-crafted grip and brake, making the experience of using the equipment as comfortable as it is efficient. When you want a tough tool for your next job, the DW-Pro is worth your time.

DigiRoller Plus III


When taking readings on a piece of land, you often need to consider several measurements at the same time. When you are trying to obtain information related to heights, widths, lengths, perimeters, or volumes, then you want to use one tool to accomplish everything. The DigiRoller Plus III by Calculated Industries is ideal for this purpose, as it has been built to help professionals take a variety of readings in one swing. Not only does it feature an intuitive design, it is also incredibly easy to handle and can be stored in a convenient and compact way.

Electronic Steel Wheel


Sometimes, opting for a unique piece of equipment can be your best bet to see success on a project. The MP401E by Keson is often called the “electronic steel wheel” because of its creative design. It is the only wheel on the market that features a steel frame and an electronic system. While dirt and dust can often prove problematic for many digital measuring tools, the steel wheel takes this into consideration and improves the experience with a magnetic system for moving small particles.

Road Runner


Finally, there may come times when you need to take measurements on terrain that has unique features or surface roughness. If you’re working with asphalt, for example, then you require wheel measuring tape like the Keson Road Runner. The design aligns the center-line with the top of the wheel, which greatly improves the overall accuracy of the readings no matter what kind of terrain you find yourself on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find the Best Measuring Wheels?

When you’re ready to invest in new measuring wheels, your best bet is to head over to Engineer Supply. Review the different options available and you will easily be able to discover a model that fits the demands of your next job.

Are Measuring Wheels Still a Practical Tool for Surveyors?

Top 5 Measuring Wheels

Though it might seem like there are all kinds of tools available these days, traditional options still work best. Measuring devices like the surveyor’s wheel have been around for generations because they are a reliable way to take a reading.

How Long Has the Surveyor’s Wheel Been in Use?

The surveyor’s wheel has been an essential tool for hundreds of years. Experts date the origins of the equipment to the 1600s, when it was used to measure the general distance between towns and other settlements. Today, it is used in a variety of industries.

When Should a Measuring Wheel Be Replaced?

A wheel should last you for many years, but there will come a time when you need to invest in a new model. When the readings seem off or you notice an issue with the design that cannot be remedied, it might be time to buy something new.

Can I Mark Terrain as I Go With a Surveyor’s Wheel?

There are several wheels that provide a feature for marking terrain as you move. Take a look at an assortment of models to see which of the designs provides this option. If you want to get two tasks done at once, this can be a very useful feature to consider.

While there are many options to consider when purchasing measuring wheels, finding the right tools isn’t too big of a challenge. Review your options at Engineer Supply and find the perfect fit for your next job.
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