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Videos of Engineering Products, Land Surveying Supplies, Construction Tools

We feel that some products are better explained by video. If you have any questions about any of the products we represent, please feel free to ask us.

EngineerSupply Video Originals
Keson 401E Electronic Distance Measuring Wheel
Planimeter Planix 7 Area Measuring Tools
Schonstedt Underground Magnetic Locators
Blueprint Storage Hanging Mobile File System

Blueprint Storage Products
The Manager Blueprint Storage Box
Ulrich Safco Master file
Ulrich Plan File for Large Document and Blueprint Storage

Land Surveying Equipment
5501-11 Seco Swiss-style TLV Prism Pole
5114-50 Seco's PT-300 Receiver Hitch GPS Pole Transporter For GPS Rods
5114-30 Seco RUXWORKS Truck Bed Transporter
How to Use Seco's 2071-00 Tribrach Adapter with Precise Adjuster
Pointing procedures for the Seco Sliding Prism
How to Size a Seco SUV or standard Safety Vest
How to Use a Seco Hand Level
How to Maintain a Seco Quick Release Pole
How to Repair a Seco Compression Lock Pole
How to Calibrate your Prism Pole's Buble Vial
How a Seco Nodal Point Prisms Works
How to Maintain a Bipod or Tripod
How to Use a SECO Direct Elevation Rod
How to Adjust a Prism Pole with a Precise Tip
How to Set up a GPS Tripod
How to Use a Seco Tribrach Adjusting Cylinders
How to Measure Prism Heights
Hand Level Adjustments
How to Use Bipods and Tripods
Rod Level Calibration
How to Measure Tripod Heights
How to Use a Mini Bob Prism Mount
In the Field with SECO
Seco's Pole Clamps and Data Collector/Controller Cradles
Seco Vehicle Interior Controller/ Collector Bracket System 5199 Series
Seco's The Claw Series Ball and Socket Pole Cradle and Clamp Combo #5200
Seco Surveyor's Gear Bag with Rhinotek Reinforced Bottom 8106 20 ORG
Seco Sewer Invert Offset Bar 5198 162
Seco Satellite Stick Collapsible 2 Meter GIS Pole 5126 00
Seco PT 250 ATV Rack Transporter for GPS Rods 5114 60
Seco's PT-150 UTV Roll Cage Transporter for GPS Rods #5114-40-01
Seco's Pole Bracket Kit for the Trimble GPS Pathfinder ProXRT Receiver 5198-100
Seco's Pin Pole with Mini Prism System 6600-10
Crain One Shot Direct Reading Cut and Fill Rod 94002
Seco's Heavy Duty Lath Carrier with Bucket Bottom End 8104-20-ORG
Seco's 8278 Class 2 Safety Utility Vest
Seco Quick Lever Bipod with Thumb Release Legs 5217 50
Seco Prism Pole Maintenance
Seco Geodimeter Style Telescoping Prism Pole 5120 00 FOR
SECO Flagging Dispenser Bag #8025 00 ORG
Seco Bag for Two Meter Snap Lock Rover Rod #8160 02
Seco Alligator Clamp Prism Pole Tripod
Crain Tri-Max Tall Screw/Dual Clamp Tripod 90561
Seco GPS Truck Door Bracket 5114-20
Seco 8265 & 8365 Safety Utility Vest Meets ANSI ISEA Class 2 Requirements

Laser Levels
Pacific Laser Systems- PLS HVR-505G
Pacific Laser System- PLS HVR-505R
Pacific Laser Systems- PLS360
Pacific Laser Systems- PLS180
Pacific Laser Systems- PLS90
Pacific Laser System- PLS5
Pacific Laser Systems- PLS3
Leica Rugby 200 Series Construction Rotary Laser
Leica Rugby 100 Rotary Construction Laser
Leica Geosystems "Piper" Series Pipe Laser

Measuring Tools and Devices
Leica Disto Laser Distance Measurer
Leica - Disto D2 Distance Laser Measurer

Office Furniture
Mayline Office Furniture- Opportunity Knocks

Paper Trimming Tools and Large Format Paper Cutters
Dahle Guillotine Paper Trimmers
Dahle Rotary Paper Trimmer

Paper Shredders
Dahle Paper Shredders

Underground Location Tools and Devices
Magnetic Locators
1.Schonstedt Utility Locator- Intro and Locating Basics
2.Schonstedt Utility Locator- Frequencies Overview
4.Schonstedt Utility Locator- Inductive Method
5.Schonstedt Utility Locator- Passive Power Mode
6.Schonstedt Utility Locator- Receiver Display Functions
7.Schonstedt Utility Locator- Tracing a Utility
8.Schonstedt Utility Locator- Applications Power
9.Schonstedt Utility Locator- Applications Pipes
10.Schonstedt Utility Locator- Application Telephone & Cable
11. Schonstedt Utility Location- Tips from the Field

Pipe and Cable Locators
Ridgid Underground Utility Locator SeekTech SR-20

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