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What is the difference between tools and materials?

Blog Difference Between Tools and Materials

Learn more about the fascinating world of construction today by comparing tools and materials. Construction tools and materials are essential for safe, professional building projects. From DIY garden sheds to high-rise office buildings, here are the basic differences between tools and materials.

Basics of Tools

Blog Difference Between Tools and Materials

Tools are the items needed to manipulate and craft construction materials. Construction tools range in shapes and sizes depending on the particular project and materials you’re working with. At the most basic level, tools should perform these functions:
  • Measure
  • Cut
  • Fasten or join
Hammers, pneumatic nail guns, circular saws, tape measures and digital levels and measuring devices are a few common tools, but there are a wide range of options available to amateur and professional construction workers.

Basics of Building Materials

Construction materials are the building blocks of a house, garage, patio or other feature. There are nearly as many material options as they are tools, but here are a few common materials used in modern buildings:
  • Dimensional lumber
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • OSB
  • Plywood
  • Drywall

Blog Difference Between Tools and Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Materials Used in Construction?

Most buildings start with a concrete foundation. Steel rebar is used to reinforce concrete in some applications. Beyond that,

construction materials vary depending on the type of project. Houses use many different wood elements, while large commercial buildings typically use steel, concrete and durable glass. Some construction projects use bricks and mortar as well.

What Materials Is Needed To Build a House?

Homes are typically constructed with a concrete foundation, timber frame and wood sheathing. Plywood and OSB are constructed wood materials used to give the structure additional strength. Exterior siding can be vinyl, aluminum, wood or steel, while interior finish materials are usually drywall or wood. Houses typically use asphalt shingles or steel sheets for roofing and fiberglass insulation throughout the structure.

What Equipment Is Used in Construction?

Constructing the smallest home and largest skyscraper requires a significant amount of safety equipment, tools and heavy equipment to move and install materials. Basics, like hand tools, ladders and personal protective gear, are required for all job sites. Larger sites use cement trucks, forklifts, cranes and other large construction equipment.

What Is Construction Grade?

Construction supplies range in quality and performance level. Construction grade supplies are typically categorized by its structural integrity. First, they need to meet the minimum standards of structural integrity needed. Construction grade lumber needs to safely support other building materials to make a secure wall. It may not have a beautiful finish, but it must be capable of handling a load.

What Is a Material List?

All contractors should work with a material list. This is typically drawn up after the architectural plan is finalized. Once the plan for your project is complete, a material list is a shopping list that estimates all the materials and the amount of materials necessary for your large or small project.

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