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What is a Hand Level?

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A hand level is used to quickly determine the level and grade of a particular area or project. If you’re familiar with construction levels, a hand level offers a rougher estimation. However, this compact device is far more practical and convenient for larger projects. Also known as a sight level, use this quality tool to gain a quick approximation for these projects:

  • Surveying
  • Development
  • Fencing
  • Brick laying
  • Laying a lawn

Using a Hand Level

To use your quality handheld sight level, simply hold it up to your eye and look through the opening, similar to a pair of binoculars. Look at the spirit vial and bubble to determine whether you’re looking approximately level. Raise or lower your hand level to achieve a level viewpoint. For more accuracy, place your sight level on a fixed object, such as a fence post. This will give you better balance and a clearer picture of whether a distant object is level. Another common way to use your hand level is to view a sighting rod and estimate the distance between you and the rod. Follow the distance ratio instructions that come with your particular level to learn how to gauge the distance between you and your sighting rod.

Pipes located and excavated

Find Your Hand Level Today

At Engineer Supply, we have a wide range of quality hand levels available for any project. Search for the best hand levels today to take on any outdoor DIY project or to improve your professional services. Select a level that offers you the convenient size, quality design and convenient use you need for a quick leveling tool to keep your projects plumb, your fences straight and your foundations secure.

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