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What is a Tripod? How do Tripods for Laser Levels Work?


Laser Levels Require Durable, Stable Industrial Tripods

As a surveyor, you need a sturdy, well-designed industrial tripod to support your instruments. The precision of your tasks depends on reliable equipment, including a tripod to secure and level tools at the right height.

Knowing the components of a tripod can help you understand the importance of each part and the ways they function to assist your jobs. Once you are familiar with tripods, you will know how to use them with laser levels.


What Is a Surveying Tripod?

A surveyor's tripod is a three-legged stand used to stabilize and support surveying instruments, such as levels, transits, theodolites and total stations. Tripods are typically lightweight, portable and durable for taking to job sites. There are two primary types of surveying tripods: adjustable-leg and fixed-leg.

Adjustable tripods allow you to adjust the length of each leg. They are the most commonly used tripods for construction projects because they provide ease of use on uneven terrain or steep slopes. Fixed-leg tripods have legs that stay the same length.

What Are the Parts of an Industrial Tripod?

An industrial tripod has three legs with metal points on the ends to secure the apparatus and a head for attaching leveling devices.


The tripod head you require depends on the instrument you will use. The three types of heads are dome, flat and threaded base. You typically need a flat head with a 5/8 inch thread when using a laser level. This component is at the top of the legs, providing a stable surface for attaching leveling tools. Check the thread measurement of your leveling tool to see if you need a different option or an adapter.


Tripod legs support and stabilize your tools. Manufacturers utilize various materials to make these devices, such as aluminum, wood, steel or fiberglass. Each material has different benefits. While fiberglass and wood resist temperature changes, aluminum offers lightweight portability. Steel makes an excellent choice for a heavy duty industrial tripod, but it is also the heaviest option.

Metal Points

All tripods have metal points at the end of the legs to help secure the item outdoors. These enable you to provide a sturdy, level, stable surface for your leveling instruments regardless of the ground's slope or unevenness.

How Do You Use a Tripod With a Laser Level?

Set up your tripod with the legs pulled apart at your desired height. Push each metal point into the ground to ensure steadiness. After confirming that your tripod is level, adjust the head to create a flat and level surface. A lockable leg stabilizer with an industrial tripod floor clamp provides increased stability.

Attach your laser level onto the head. Use the spirit tube and bubble to calibrate your instrument unless you have an auto-leveling tool. Find the laser line using the beep function and mark where you need them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose an Industrial Tripod?


When selecting a survey tripod, focus on its durability and stability. To ensure accurate readings, you need tools that can withstand changing weather conditions and remain stable on various terrain. Check how the height range affects sturdiness. Also, consider weight and portability since you will likely be on the move.

What Is the Most Critical Part of a Tripod?

While all tripod components need to function to facilitate precise work, the tribrach is vital. It must remain free of damage to attach surveying equipment correctly. If your instrument cannot sit flat, it impacts the accuracy of your readings. It is essential to protect the tribrach from dust and water.

How Do You Balance a Tripod Correctly?

If set up correctly, tripods keep your surveying instruments level and stable, regardless of the terrain. Extend the center pole to the desired height. Spread out the legs evenly and secure the tripod feet into the ground. Center and lock the center pole, then do the same with each leg.

How Does the Weight of a Tripod Affect Stability?

Although you want a lightweight tripod for ease of carrying, it must also support the weight of your instruments. Consider the surveying equipment you use to ensure your tripod can hold the items without warping the tripod over time. Engineer Supply works with top manufacturers to ensure stability and performance.

Will Any Tripod Work With Laser Level?

Consider several elements when choosing a tripod for your laser level. First, ensure it is compatible with your laser level. Select one that reaches your desired heights and angles. Review the material's sturdiness, especially if you often use it outdoors. You can also get one with additional weatherproofing features.

Best Survey Tripods

Nedo 210710 - Industrial Line Elevating Tripod

best survey tripods 2021 PI-Nedo-210710 This survey tripod is specifically intended for use with 3D laser scanners. Its versatile design allows a laser scanner to be mounted at either the top of bottom, and it boasts a range of other features, such as:
  • 5mm Allen key
  • Four 1m rack elements
  • 5/8" to 3/8" adapter
  • Lightweight, 20 lb. design
With its one year manufacturers warranty and rugged construction, this tripod is perfect for surveyors who need a stable foundation for their laser scanner.

Seco 90550 - Tri-Max Standard Quick Clamp Tripod

best survey tripods 2021 PI-Seco-90550 The Seco 90550 - Tri-Max Standard Quick Clamp Tripod is at the top of the class for heavy duty tripod equipment. Designed to resist vibration and creeping, this unit also features the following:
  • Precision turned head
  • Fully extended height of 71”
  • Resistance to wind and humidity
  • Hinge spindle design
The most notable feature of this tripod, though, is its signature quick clamp—allowing the user to easily set it up, adjust it, and retract it.

Nedo 210683-185 - Extra Heavy-Duty Elevating Tripod

best survey tripods 2021 PI-Nedo-210683-185 Elevating tripods are one of the most useful pieces of survey equipment you’ll find, with a mechanism that allows heavy duty attachments to easily be adjusted and lifted. The Nedo 210683-185 - Extra Heavy-Duty Elevating Tripod offers this and other benefits, too:
  • Aluminum quick release covers
  • All terrain usability
  • Fully extended height of 119”
  • 19 lb. weight
These features, as well as the unit’s double telescopes, make it an ideal addition to any survey’s toolbox.

Dutch Hill Surveyors Tripod with Composite Head GT2000

PRODUCT-IMAGES-500x500 With a foot point made of stainless steel and legs made of composite fiberglass, the Dutch Hill Surveyors Tripod with Composite Head GT2000 is built to perform. Its other features include:
  • Parts that are mechanically fastened
  • 100 lb. capacity rating
  • Quick lock clamp on legs
  • Extendable wide frame design
Weighing in at just 12 lbs., this unit is a lightweight and simple tripod that’s sturdy and rugged, nonetheless.

Bosch Aluminum Contractors Tripod BT160

best survey tripods 2021 PI-BT160 If simplicity is what you seek, the Bosch Aluminum Contractors Tripod BT160 is the tool for you. This small, lightweight, and affordable tripod features the following specifications:
  • 38” when retracted
  • 63” when expanded
  • Quick clamps on legs
  • 5/8" x 11 base thread size
A durable aluminum construction further solidifies this as a high quality heavy duty tripod. Add this to your survey equipment for easy and accurate performance.
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