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What kind of furniture does Safco produce?

Blog what kind of furniture does safco produce

Furnishing your workspace is an important element of improving productivity and staying organized. Safco is a popular option for finding modern, creative products that can streamline workflows. It is especially popular in engineering, surveying and similar workplaces. You may be surprised by how many types of Safco furniture you can find at Engineer Supply.

About Safco Furniture

Blog what kind of furniture does safco produce Safco offers more than just standard office furniture that you can place around your workspace. The company understands that engineers, architects and surveyors need to stay organized. In fields that involve a lot of plans and documentation, having the right office solutions is essential. If you explore our Safco catalog, you will discover innovative ideas to solve a diverse selection of common workplace needs. It has some great options for common issues such as blueprint storage and transportation. Below is a little information on the key product categories you will find.

Major Product Categories

The following are some of the categories of major Safco products. These are some of the most popular Safco categories in our selection:
  • Seating: Everyone needs somewhere to sit. Safco has a wide range of seating options for lounges, offices, common areas, outdoor spaces, meeting rooms and more.
    • Office Chairs: Office chairs from Safco are especially popular. They have task chairs, executive chairs, desk chairs and more. Comfort while working should be a top priority.
    • Drafting Chairs and Stools: For the engineers, architects and similar professionals who shop at Engineer Supply, drafting chairs and stools are a top choice.
  • Desks and Tables: Whether you are furnishing space for one person or 1,000, you need desks and tables that support productivity. Safco has a lot of options to choose from.
    • Drafting Tables: Having the right drafting table can make the process much easier and more comfortable.
    • Personal Desks: Everyone needs a place to work. We have a wide range of Safco personal desks to choose from.
  • Storage: For our customers, document storage is among the most important workspace furnishings. There are some great options for documents and other necessities.
    • Blueprint Storage Products: Safco has vertical, flat file and more blueprint storage options.
    • Large Document Storage: If you have large documents, rolls and other large items, you’ll need appropriate storage solutions.
    • Literature Organizer: Keeping all your documents organized and easy to find can boost productivity.
    • Shelving: Find functional and attractive shelving solutions through our Safco furnishings.
    • Blueprint Racks and Stands: You need to keep your blueprints organized and safe. These will help you do that.
    • Drawing Storage Containers: Many of Safco’s large document and blueprint options also work great for drawings.
    • Steel Flat Files: Many documents do better when laid flat. Safco flat files can help.
  • Office Systems/Furnishing: Office systems offer comprehensive solutions to help you design an attractive and functional office.
  • Accessories: Safco also offers a wide range of products to help with the little details of office work.
    • Trash Cans: Waste management is always important. We also carry recycling bins.
    • Computer Accessories: Find ergonomic products, stands and more to make your computer work easier.

Order Your Safco Products Today

Blog what kind of furniture does safco produce

Check out the full lineup of Safco furniture in Engineer Supply’s catalog. We have everything you need to keep your engineering, architecture, surveying or other office organized. Whether you want something sleek and modern or simple and no-nonsense, we have you covered. Order today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Safco Furniture

Where Can I Order Safco Office Furniture?

Engineer Supply has a comprehensive catalog of products from Safco. Find everything you need to keep your workspace, documents, plans and more organized. Plus, we have plenty of comfortable and useful furniture to choose from.

What Is the Best Way To Store Blueprints?

Typically, blueprints should either be rolled and stored in protective tubes or laid flat in storage cabinets. Our Safco products include solutions for both. Safco flat files are particularly popular. We also have wheeled solutions for easily moving documents around.

Why Choose Safco?

There are many furniture and storage solutions on the market, including in Engineer Supply’s catalog. So, you may wonder why you should choose Safco. They make well-engineered products with high-quality materials. All their items are built to last. Plus, they understand the needs of engineers and designers.

How Can I Find Products Similar to This One?

Check the product page of any of our products. We have recommendations for similar items and accessories that will work for you. Using this, you can find all the Safco solutions that may suit your style and functional requirements. There is a lot to choose from. Feel free to also ask our support for help finding an item.

What Other Products Does Safco Have?

Beyond the major categories mentioned above, you can find lighting, magazine storage, lecterns, lockers and many other items. The company has nearly all the products you could need to furnish your office. Explore the full selection of Safco furniture today to see what you like.
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