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A Buyers Guide to Smart Levels

A Buyers Guide to Smart Levels

Tips To Help You Pick Out the Right Smart Level for You

There are some tools that serve a very important purpose. Levels have long been used for a variety of applications, meaning that the tool tends to be used across countless industries. Even those who don’t require the item for work might need this gadget to gain some data related to the measurements or evenness of a space. These days, automatic tools and digital devices are the norm. For anyone in search of a level, the standard option has now become the smart level.

If you’re not fully sure what a level is used for or what makes for an excellent investment, now is the time to learn more. Dive into the details related to levels and see how you can find the right fit for your needs.

A Buyers Guide to Smart Levels

What Is a Level?

Most people already know that a level is a device that is used when determining whether or not a surface is even on horizontal or vertical levels. However, this is usually as far as the knowledge base tends to go. While the main use of a level might be for figuring out the readings on a surface, there are many additional ways you can utilize this tool. Some levels are designed in a way to deliver multiple data sets at once or can provide information when you’re working with unique circumstances.

The basic level is only one type you are bound to encounter. Other commonplace options include dumpy levels, digital levels, precise levels, magnetic levels, box-beam levels, and i-beam levels. No matter what type of level you have your eye on, however, you should always look at a few key qualities in order to know whether or not the option is a good fit.

What Factors To Consider

When picking a level, you always want to start your search by looking at models that offer solutions for the problem at hand. There’s no use investing in a gadget that boasts certain features if you are never going to have any purpose for them. Still, a few general points can be useful no matter what you want to use the level for. These factors will usually help you land the best possible fit.


Above all else, the accuracy of smart levels will play a huge part in whether or not you feel happy with your choice. Accuracy makes or breaks the experience. If you’re getting incorrect readings off of the device, then everything you attempt to do with this data is going to be built on fallacies. If you’re working in a field like construction, this kind of inaccurate information can actually lead to major accidents, collapses, and more. To avoid this, all you have to do is find an option that boasts accurate results each time.


Another major factor that plays info the final decision you will make with your level is the cost of the device. You don’t want to skimp when it comes to buying a device like this. However, you also don’t need to spend a fortune on the best model on the market. To see the right results, you need to consider which options are good for your budget and boast only the features that you will actually use.

Manual or Automatic

Finally, you must consider whether you want to invest in a level that is automatic or manual. Much like with automobiles, the manual option gives a bit more control to the user. If you want to make adjustments that will prove useful to your work, then opting for manual is the way to go. However, the average person will have an easier time with an automatic model, as this takes care of all of the adjustments without the user ever having to think about it.

Level Types

As mentioned, there are several different types of levels available to consumers. Knowing about the pros and cons of each will give you the best idea of which option is the right investment choice. While there are more than those listed here, you will find that these options are the most effective in a broad range of circumstances.


Dumpy Levels

One of the more common auto level options available these days, the dumpy level is a type of surveying equipment that is made to be adjustable in several key ways. The telescope tube is connected to the instrument in a firm manner and can be altered depending on a person’s needs by making changes to the screws holding the collars in place.

Precise Level

Sometimes, you need to follow a method that is both direct and simple. If you’re in a rush and don’t want to sacrifice the accuracy of your readings, then you need a tool that will deliver exceptional results time and time again. The precise level is ideal for such purposes, being crafted for anyone who wants the right data in a pinch.

Digital Levels

For most people, digital levels are the way to go. While basic levels are still quite popular in some respects, a digital option is usually the best choice available to you. The readings are more accurate, and the tools tend to provide clearer information in a variety of conditions thanks to the cutting-edge displays featured on each.

Accessories and Extras

While a level itself is often enough to get information in a general way, you also need to consider the variety of accessories that are available. If you are working in a specific environment or the project before you has unique parameters, then certain additional items can make a world of difference. A tripod, for example, helps you stabilize the device while in use. Additional accessories worth looking into include leveling plates, leveling staff, and an eye piece. Review those options and learn about each accessory to make the right choice.

Buy Versus Rent

One of the last details you should concern yourself with when looking at different options with levels is whether you want to buy the item outright or rent the tool. The answer to this will be entirely dependent on a few factors. For one, ask yourself how often you will need the tool in the future. Additionally, think about whether it will be less expensive in the long run to buy the gadget than it would be to rent it for the duration of the time you will need it for. This should help point you toward the right answer. Shop Survey Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Shop for a New Smart Level?


When you’re ready to grab a smart level that hits all of the right marks for your needs, it is time to dive into your options. Explore the selection at Engineer Supply to find the fit that will work best for your next project.

How Can I Figure Out If a Surface in My Home Is Even?

If you’re looking to see if a counter or shelf in your house is even, then a level is the tool to use. Unless you’re doing more intense work, getting this basic reading is something that any type of level can provide.

What Does a Level Do?

As mentioned, levels serve a variety of functions. Above all else, the gadgets are responsible for providing information related to horizontal and vertical planes so that surveyors, engineers, architects and anyone else can gain helpful insight.

Are Levels Easy To Use?

Levels are incredibly easy to use. Naturally, you need to look at the specific kind of level first in order to see how to use it. This will provide all of the information you need on how to make the most of the investment.

Which Careers Require Tools Like Smart Levels?

There are countless professional fields where levels are a commonplace piece of equipment. Whether you work in the world of construction, are an architect, or are someone who does digging for utility lines, a level will make a world of difference.

There are several areas to focus your attention when looking to purchase a smart level. As long as you understand what these devices are responsible for and how to make the most of their applications, you will have no trouble finding the perfect fit for your needs at Engineer Supply.
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