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Bosch 30 GLL Review

How does carpentry and woodworking differ?

Levels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. If you work in construction or a similar industry, you might even have a collection of lasers that you use for different purposes. You’ll likely want to add one more to that collection when you hear about the Bosch GLL 30. This Bosch laser level is one of the brand’s new units, and it brings a bounty of benefits to the table. Find out why the GLL 30 might be the best Bosch laser level on the market — and how it can help you improve the accuracy of your measurements.


A Small, Conveniently Compact Size

The first thing you’ll notice about the Bosch GLL 30 is its incredibly compact size. It comes in at just 2.8 inches wide by 2.2 inches tall and it weighs only half a pound. This size makes it perfect to put in your pocket or keep in your toolbox for the next job. Its small size also allows for a 1/4-20 socket to be mounted to the bottom, so it can easily be used with a tripod.

Easy to Handle Measurement Tools

The small size of the Bosch GLL 30 is also ideal for using in conjunction with other tools. The aforementioned socket mount means that it can be mounted to nearly any standard tripod or other surveying equipment. When mounted, the tripod won’t impede the device’s measurement controls at all — they are conveniently positioned at the top of the tool so that you can control and calibrate it no matter how it is placed.

Superior Self-Leveling Capability

Yet another feature that makes the Bosch GLL 30 superior is its remarkably accurate self-leveling capability. This feature is unique to this particular model, and it ensures that your measurements will always be accurate. You can self-level the device up to 4° and utilize the tools’ Smart Pendulum System for further accuracy assurance.

Cross-Line Mode

If you’ve ever known the struggle of desperately trying to arrange two laser levels to create an angle, you’ll appreciate the Bosch GLL 30’s inclusion of a cross-line mode. This setting allows users to project multiple intersecting lines, which is imperative for projects that require you to find plumb or achieve an exact angle. Determine the specific angle that you want to project using the level’s easy-to-navigate control panel.

Smart Pendulum System

Most laser levels feature a self-leveling system, but the Bosch laser level takes it a step further with the Smart Pendulum System. In addition to achieving a perfectly level stance, the Smart Pendulum System signals users with an auditory alert if the device happens to fall out of level. It will automatically correct and regain accuracy, alerting the user when it is once again ready for use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are laser levels the most accurate?


Laser levels are the most accurate type of level because they automatically calibrate and they can measure across greater distances. Spirit levels, on the other hand, can become diluted over time and thus suffer from declining accuracy.

Can I use the Bosch GLL 30 during the daytime?

Yes, you can use the Bosch GLL 30 during daylight hours. The laser level is designed to project a highly visible beam no matter what the light or weather conditions may be.
Laser levels are the most accurate type of level because they automatically calibrate and they can measure across greater distances.

How can you confirm a laser level’s accuracy?

The Smart Pendulum System of the Bosch GLL 30 ensures that you never have to worry about accuracy. You can also confirm a laser level’s accuracy by comparing it to the level contained in a manual level.

Where do I find the best selection of Bosch laser levels?

You can find a great selection of affordable Bosch laser levels at Engineer Supply.
Laser levels are the most accurate type of level because they automatically calibrate and they can measure across greater distances.

How do I use a laser level?

You can use a laser level simply by turning it on, allowing it to calibrate, and aiming it at the surface you wish to measure. You may also mount it to a tripod.

Invest in Bosch: The Right Laser Level

Bosch is synonymous with accuracy in the world of laser levels — and it’s easy to see why. This brand offers some of the best selections on the market, including the top-of-the-line Bosch GLL 30. Find the best price on the Bosch GLL 30 at Engineer Supply. Shop for laser levels online or call us at (800) 591-8907.
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