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What is a Laser Measurement tool?

Laser measurer and rulers

Laser measurement tools use lasers (shocking, huh?) to gauge distances more accurately and more conveniently than you can by hand. The farther you extend a measuring tape, the more difficult the physical process is and the more margin of error is introduced into the measurement. Measuring tapes stretch and break, but laser measurement technology is durable, coming through to meet your needs during a variety of different occupations and environments.

Laser measurer and rulers

If you’ve never used a laser measuring tool before, you’ll quickly come to love the way it removes the elements of stress and guesswork from the measurement process. There’s no need to worry about the tedious task of lining up the start of your measuring tape with the exact starting point of the distance you’re measuring. Even the temperature and humidity of your environment can alter your results when you use traditional measuring tapes. Laser distance measuring tapes are simply the fastest and most accurate ways to collect measurements, especially if you need to take multiple measurements over the course of a single job or workday.

Laser tape measures are at the cutting edge of engineering technology, and some advanced models are equipped with a wealth of features and functions to help you achieve whatever you’re looking to accomplish. Laser measurement tools project a laser beam that looks very similar to the one emitted by a laser pointer (we don’t recommend using this to play with your cats, though!) Simply aim your device toward the distance you want to measure and press the button on the device. It will automatically measure the distance traveled by the laser beam. You can also include the length of the tool in the measurement if you’ve attached it to a wall or post.

Many laser distance measuring tools can help you work through basic calculations like addition and subtraction and are able to assist you in determining area and volume. If you’re an international man or woman of mystery, be sure to choose a laser measurement tool that accommodates different units of measurement: inches, feet, meters, centimeters, and more.
You can also use USB and Bluetooth to transfer your data to your computer for storage and use in applications like Excel and AutoCAD.

Laser Measurement Tool on Wall

Your laser measurement tool won’t make you a superhero, but you might feel that way when you’re taking fast, accurate measurements in record time. The laser measuring tapes at Engineer Supply help you not only to take reliable measurements but also make the most of them in your projects. We’re here to help you measure up to the competition!
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