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Safco Standing Desks

Safco Standing Desks

Sitting for long periods of time is a way of life for office workers, freelancers, and solo-entrepreneurs — especially in today’s Digital Age. More people are taking advantage of what many people are calling the “gig economy” by doing freelance work. So, they spend the day staring at their computer screens as they work with clients or sell products to people all over the world. And because computers are meant to sit on a desk or lap, they don’t move much. Long periods of sitting can have a negative effect on our long-term health. Anything from poor posture and back pain to an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes can come from prolonged sitting.

Safco Standing Desks infographic

Standing desks have become increasingly popular in offices (both at work and at home) over the last several years, because people are starting to realize the health benefits of using them (especially for freelancers who spend most of the day behind their computers). Now, there is a variety of styles that can suit different types of office settings and requirements.

Types of Safco Standing Desks

Using a Safco standing desk can have a number of health benefits, but it’s important to know about the different types. While each desk will vary, all of them are simple to use and understand. A lot of research has been done about the harmful effects of prolonged sitting, and standing desks can help you take more control of your health while you’re at work. You might have heard that sitting is the new smoking, because doing it for long periods of time without standing (or at least moving) is harmful to your health.

Here are some of the different types of Safco standing desks and how they can benefit you while you’re working.

Standing Height Desks

This kind of Safco standing desk sits at a fixed height for standing adults and doesn’t lower to a seated height, but it can have a small amount of adjustability for the sake of ergonomics and varying heights (usually through the use of some kind of locking bolt system). They’re often combined with exercise equipment (such as treadmills or stationary bikes), so people can have a dedicated work/exercise station that’s usually meant for short bursts with a laptop. They can be cheaper than sit-to-stand desks (which can be adjusted to accommodate a sitting or standing position), but they will either require a second computer or laptop. Not to mention, a second work area that can be used for sitting.

Here are some of the Safco products that fall within this category:
  • Safco Elevate Standing-Height Desk — This is a great option if you want to have a more active workday. It has an adjustable footrest, which can give you more comfort while you’re standing. And it has a melamine laminate top with powder-coated steel legs for simplicity and durability.
  • Safco Mood Standing Height Desk with Rotating Work Surface — This desk has a contemporary style, and it’s perfect for small or home offices. The top portion swings open in case you need some extra workspace and can be tucked away to save space. The two casters allow the desktop to be moved in case it needs to be reconfigured. And because it’s made out of sturdy powder-coated steel with a laminate finish, it’s extremely durable.
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Height-Adjustable Standing Desks

Safco Standing Desks

Because of their adjustability, they’re often known as “set it and forget it” desks. Like your office chair, you don’t have to redo it once you set it up. But unlike your chair, these desks can take a lot of effort to reposition. There are some models that can be adjusted with some kind of electrical mechanism. Like opening a car window with the push of a button, the same is true with these standing desks. You can adjust it to the height you need by simply pushing a button. And while they’re more expensive, their ease of use is appealing to many people.

The most economical way to take advantage of this option is to get a converter, which you can use with your existing desk or even your countertop. All you have to do is add a standing-desk converter, which stands on top of your desk and can convert your workstation into a standing one. Here are some of the Safco products that fall within this category:
  • Safco AlphaBetter 36" x 24" Height Adjustable Desk with Dry Erase Top — This desk is designed for students in grades 3-12, and it has a Patented Swing Pendulum Footrest Bar. The ergonomics of this desk promotes natural movement in children and has a sturdy, steel-framed workspace. The laminated plastic desktop can be adjusted to a height between 26” and 42” in 1 1/4” increments.
  • Safco AlphaBetter 28" x 20" Height Adjustable Desk with Beige Top — This desk sits anywhere from 26” to 42” high, and it has a laminated plastic desktop that is chemical, fire, and impact resistant. It’s designed for students in grades 3-12, and it adjusts to natural movement with the Patented Swinging Pendulum Footrest Bar. The steel frame and black powder-coat finish also makes this standing desk a choice that’s both stylish and sturdy.
  • Safco Aberdeen 72" Height Adjustable Straight Front Desk with Return — This desk balances the look of wood with the performance and affordability of laminate, and it can offer a more active workspace to a variety of people. It can be easily adjusted from 29 1/2” to 49 1/4” to meet the needs of varying heights, and the control switch has a 4-position memory that makes height selection simple. The laminate finish also gives it a great deal of durability, as well as scratch and stain resistance.
  • Safco Aberdeen 66" Height Adjustable Bow Front Desk — The bowfront design of this desk can create the right style for your office. And because it’s height-adjustable, it can offer a more active workspace for a variety of users. It can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of a variety of user heights, and the control switch makes height selection simple. The laminate finish can also give you a great deal of durability, as well as stain and scratch resistance.
  • Safco Brio Adjustable Height Standing Desk — The stand-biased height can promote more movement and fidgeting for a more active workday, and the minimalist design can save valuable space (which can make this desk the perfect choice for small or home offices). The tabletop slants downward 3 degrees so it can be used more easily, especially for artists and graphic designers. The durable steel column supports the top and has a precision hand crank that raises and lowers the desk from a height of 37” and 50 1/4” to meet a variety of user heights.
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Desktop Sit-Stand Desks

A sit-stand desk is perfect for someone who wants to have a single work area that can be used both sitting and standing up. The cheapest option is a hand-cranked model, which includes a rotary crank that can be used to raise and lower the desk’s surface while the feet stay in place. And it’s the same kind of mechanism that’s used on a rotary jack for a big cargo trailer. The forgiving gear and locking systems keep users from tiring out and the desk from “falling” on its riser system.

Powered standing desks have become the new standard. They have a small electrical motor on the rising columns under the desktop, and they can start at around $500 (or less if you have your own desktop surface). However, they can easily go up in price if you want a bigger model with more features. The more elaborate models with custom hardwood surfaces, integrated power systems, and programmable motors, can cost more than $1,000.

The electric motors raise and lower the desk’s surface from the minimum height to the maximum in just a few seconds and without the extra effort of using a crank. A programmable upgrade can give you consistent levels for both sitting and standing, which can minimize the need for small adjustments every single time. And unlike some of the less expensive options, powered desks are available in large and oversized models (with a six-foot-wide desktop being a popular upgrade). If you can afford to get a powered model with at least some of these extra features, you won’t be disappointed.

The Safco Desktop Sit-Stand Desk has been classically inspired, which can help you to stay active throughout the workday. It can even help you to improve your focus and productivity while allowing you to stay active during working hours. It has an ultra-slim profile, which can be great for space-saving and easy storage. Its sleek white, laminate work surface has a black edge, and the height can be adjusted from 1 1/2” to 15 3/4” in height. The steel-base construction provides solid and long-lasting performance, and the non-skid silicone pads can protect the desktop from getting scratched or scuffed. This Safco standing desk has the following specifications:
  • Can easily move from sitting to standing.
  • Has a weight capacity of 22 pounds.
  • Entire unit weighs 23 pounds.
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Focal-Sphere Standing Desk

The unique design of a focal-sphere standing desk has changed the standard for ergonomics and for standing desks in general by providing a new standard for movement, posture, and design that you can’t find on any other desk. Excessive sitting and a sedentary lifestyle can cause your health to deteriorate, which can shorten your lifespan. And even an hour of exercise every day isn’t enough to counteract the effects. To be truly active and healthy, you need to maximize your activity when you’re not exercising.

This kind of Safco standing desk has an amazing design. And because of its curved shape, you will have 50% more usable desk space than the average rectangular desk (all while keeping everything within arm’s reach). No point of the desk will ever move beyond the reach of your arms. It can fit comfortably in any office corner, but it’s also stylish enough to stand alone in the middle of the room.

The Safco SBN-1000-BK-BK-BL Focal-Sphere Standing Desk Bundle has a black laminate top and cobalt seat cushion. It can adjust to every move you make. And instead of sitting down, you can lean into the Focal Locus. Your body will be kept in a neutral posture that will engage your major muscles and improve your circulation. This piece of Safco furniture is height-adjustable, angle-adjustable, and can be fitted into a corner. But most importantly. It will keep you active all day. The desk lifts and lowers effortlessly with the turn of a precision hand crank, and the American-made desktop easily pivots from flat to a 15-degree angle (which allows you to find your perfect working position). The seat has the following features:
  • Non-slip, easy-to-clean, contoured seat cushion that can reduce pressure points.
  • Pivoting seat leg encourages dynamic movement.
  • Supports leaning posture with a hip-to-torso range of 130 to 135 degree, which can put less pressure on your spine and connecting muscles.
  • Seat pan tilts up to five degrees to support hip flexibility.
  • Adjustable piston-release handle raises and lowers the seat.
  • Accommodates heights from 4’11” to 6’8”.
  • Discreetly-designed wheels for more portability.
  • Post folds for easy storage.
  • Anti-fatigue mat can relieve stress on your feet and lower body compared to having them on the floor while leaning or perching.
The desk itself has the following features:
  • The desktop is made with a 13-layer, 3/4-inch piece of hard plywood.
  • It's topped with three layers of polyurethane varnish on veneers for more durability.
  • The powder-coated aluminum cup holder allows you to keep your coffee or water close by.
  • The height-adjustable desk base allows you to fit the desk according to your own personal comfort and height.
  • The legs are made of cast aluminum with a powder coat finish for more durability and chip resistance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Safco standing desk help?

Safco Standing Desks

While there has been some disagreement over the benefits of using a standing desk, there’s one thing on which many studies are clear — that prolonged sitting is linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer. All of these conditions can shorten your lifespan by a significant amount.

How long should I stay standing behind a stand-up desk?

You should change between sitting and standing by about 50% each way in a single workday. So, you should alternate positions every 15-30 minutes. Your body starts to acclimate to sitting after about 30 minutes, which will cause your lower body muscles to switch off. The idea is to keep your metabolism working and your blood moving.

What kind of furniture is made by Safco?

Safco makes a variety of furniture, which includes but may not be limited to:
  • Blueprint storage products.
  • Office chairs.
  • Steel flat files.
  • Blueprint racks and stands.
  • Drafting tables.
  • Drafting chairs and stools.
  • Drawing storage containers.
If you’re looking for a place to buy quality Safco furniture, be sure to browse through our inventory.

Where are Safco products made?

Safco products are made in Minneapolis, which is where the company is based. It manufactures and distributes over 2,000 items that are designed to bring comfort and efficiency to the workplace. And aside from selling Safco products on the Internet, the company also has a broad distribution network that includes many major retailers.

Does Safco make products for both home and office use?

Safco products are designed to help you create a more organized and efficient workspace by making it feel as comfortable as your home. They make a variety of products, which includes but may not be limited to:
  • Back rests.
  • Seat cushions.
  • Drafting tables.
  • Desks and chairs.
  • Filing and storage systems.
  • Footrests.
  • Shelving
  • Garbage cans.
If you’re looking for a Safco standing desk or any other product made by this company, be sure to browse through the broad selection we have at Engineer Supply.
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