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Spectra Precision LR50 Display Receivers


The Spectra Precision LR50 Display Receiver: What Is It and How Does It Work?

The Spectra Precision LR50 Display Receiver is a wireless receiver that is used in conjunction with a Spectra Precision laser. The receiver is simple to use and easy to set up. It is rugged and weatherproof. It accepts signals from a rotating laser and transmits them to the machine operator through an easy-to-understand interface. It works with all kinds of machinery such as graders, dozers, box blades, and scrapers. Let’s take a look at some of the device's key features in order to see how it works and, most importantly, how it helps contractors and operators improve job efficiency.


List of Components

Here is everything included with a purchase of a Spectra Precision LR50 Display Receiver.
  1. The receiver comes equipped with holding clamps that securely hold it to a staff or grading rod. The holding clamps are adjustable, meant to position the receiver in a manner that is easily visible to the operator.
  2. The receiver requires the use of four C-cell batteries. It comes with four NIMH batteries that are fully rechargeable.
  3. The charger allows you to recharge the batteries in a vehicle or by using a standard electrical outlet.
  4. All components fit inside a sturdy plastic carrying case that has a handle and two fastening clamps. The bright yellow case is easy to see.
  5. A comprehensive user guide details how to use the receiver, interpret the different LED indicators, and pair the receiver with any laser level Spectra

Unique Features

The Spectra Precision LR50 Display Receiver directly transmits information from a Spectra Precision laser to the machine operator. The receiver uses a detailed system of indicator lights to provide multiple types of helpful feedback to operators. The sheer variety and amount of feedback is what sets the LR50 apart from similar models.
  • The built-in blade tilt indicator gives machine operators real-time feedback on whether or not the blade is level. The blade tilt indicator is a series of LED lights that shows when the blade tilts to either the right or left side. The operator can see which side the blade is tilting and make quick adjustments. The operator can also choose to receive tilt feedback in three different settings - fine, standard, and wide - depending on the job.
  • The built-in plumb indicator is similar to the blade tilt indicator. It uses flashing LEDs to show when the boom (or mast) is either perpendicular to the ground or out of plumb in either direction. It can also be set to three different levels of accuracy - fine, standard, and wide.
  • The center on-grade feature helps operators during routine grading jobs. This helpful feature provides an equal amount of feedback on whether the machine is above grade or below grade.
  • The offset on-grade feature is similar to the center on-grade feature and is ideal for routine excavating jobs. It also provides an equal amount of feedback on whether the machine is above grade or below grade.

Additional Features

The Spectra Precision LR50 Display Receiver comes in a durable case that is easy to carry. The receiver was designed for outdoor use and can handle all sorts of inclement weather. Operators don't need to worry about using it in harsh conditions.


The receiver has a receiving height (vertical reception height) of 6.75 inches and uses 360-degree laser reception to achieve an extensive working range. This means that operators don't have to worry about dropped signals or lagging reception time.

Operators can utilize up to six different channels of grade information. This is more than most comparable models. Conveniently, all six of these channels can be controlled from the receiver without having to visit the laser level itself. The different channels can be switched on or off and can be adjusted to different levels, all from the receiver.

The rechargeable batteries make it convenient to use the receiver daily while avoiding costly battery replacements. The batteries can last between 30 and 60 hours, depending on the LED brightness settings, and they only take a few hours to recharge completely.


The Spectra Precision LR50 Display Receiver is convenient because it works with your existing Spectra Precision laser level. You don’t need to purchase a new rotating laser. The LR50 display receiver is a stand-alone device that doesn’t require using another receiver.

Graders, dozers, scrapers, and box blades can all utilize the LR50 display receiver. It also works with backhoes and excavators. It can be used with nearly any grading and excavating machinery.

Key Benefits

The main benefit of using a display receiver is that machine operators can see the receiver from the cab of their vehicle. This visibility allows them to make immediate adjustments and improve overall efficiency. Even operators with less experience can achieve great results by following the indicators on the receiver, which means that operators with less training can perform higher quality work.

Another key benefit is that the handheld receiver can easily be moved from one machine to another during a job. It weighs less than six pounds and measures slightly over 13 inches tall. You don’t necessarily need to purchase a different receiver for different vehicles as long as they are utilized at different times.

The most important benefit, of course, is that all of these features allow operators to save time and money by completing tasks faster and more effectively. If you are interested in saving time and money on your next job, consider using a Spectra Precision laser in conjunction with a Spectra Precision LR50 Display Receiver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Spectra Precision Laser Used For?


Spectra precision lasers are used for surveying work and construction jobs. They are used for commercial and residential jobs by all manner of contractors - from specialty to general contractors. Laser technology increases time efficiency and job costs for any job with layout and measurement requirements.

Are Spectra Lasers Waterproof?

Yes, they are. Most Spectra Lasers come equipped with durable, weatherproof casing. They are designed for use in sunny, windy, and rainy conditions. Of course, should always double-check the recommendations for your specific product.

Are Laser Levels Worth It?

Laser levels help make land grading more efficient and accurate. Machine operators can receive real-time feedback and make precision adjustments by using laser levels in conjunction with remote displays. These precision adjustments help save time and increase the overall efficiency of a project.

How Do You Calibrate a Spectra Precision Laser?

Most modern laser levels are self-calibrating. All you have to do is turn them on and wait for them to complete the self-calibration process. However, hard use over time can affect a level’s accuracy. Follow self-leveling instructions for your specific device, as laser levels vary greatly.

Are Spectra Laser Levels Visible Outdoors?

Many factors can determine whether a level is visible outdoors, namely the weather and the color of the laser. Wireless receivers and remote displays solve the visibility problem by transmitting accurate readings in real time. Machine operators make adjustments by reacting to blinking lights and coded sounds.
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