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All About HandTrucks

HandTrucks come in many shapes and sizes. Each model is specifically designed to meet different needs. It is very important to purchase the right HandTruck for the right job. So when you’re trying to decide what Hand Truck to buy, ask yourself two simple questions: “What do I need to move?” and “Where do I need to move it?”

What do I need to move?
Deciding what you need to move will quickly narrow down your choices. The primary purpose when purchasing a hand truck is safely transporting your item. Consider the size and shape of the item. This will help you determine what base you will need. Make sure the base, also called the “nose”, can securely support your item. Some carts have specialty noses for items such as appliances or computers. Some come with platforms if you have large items or several small items that cannot be stacked. If you have a variety of items consider a convertible hand truck. These are like normal hand trucks but have the option to fold out to a platform when needed. You also need to consider the weight of the item you need to move. Each truck has a maximum weight it supports. For safety do not go over the maximum weight limit. If you need to transport large unsteady items consider a hand truck with a built-in belt. This will keep the item secure so you can focus on safely maneuvering and not trying to hold onto the item.

Where do I need to move it?
Knowing what you need to move is obvious but you also need to consider the environment you will be moving it in. Are you in a large area like a warehouse or a small area like an office? Are there any obstacles you would face on a regular basis, like stairs or narrow hallways? What’s the floor like, is it a rough like gravel or smooth like concrete?
A hand truck needs to be large enough to securely transport your item, but compact enough to move your items with ease. Measure any narrow passages (doorways, halls, elevators) you’ll use on a regular basis and use those dimensions when selecting the hand truck. Also consider where you will store the hand truck when it is not in use. Some hand trucks will fold down for compact storage. Also consider what the terrain is like. If you are inside in an office environment small wheels will work just fine, but if you need to transport the item outside in rough terrain purchase a hand truck with large sturdy wheels.

Hopefully our article about Hand Trucks will help get you to thinking about your needs and hopefully help you select and purchase the right hand truck for the job.

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