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AlphaBetter Student Desks with Swinging Footrest

Safco AlphaBetter School Desk with swinging foot rest

In today’s society, many office workers sit all day long. With new studies on our health, we have found that sitting all day decreases productivity. Employees are encouraged to move more by using height adjustable desks and tables, Zen chairs, movable foot rests, and taking breaks to stretch. This movement has been shown to not only increase productivity, but posture as well. Could these new found benefits work for students, too?

Sitting still has been the focus for years. Teachers and parents alike say that a fidgeting student is a distraction from not only their own learning, but other students learning as well. With the new AlphaBetter Desk, the sitting still theory is being proven wrong. Children need to move just like adults. With recess times being shortened, and gym being cut from many school programs, children have less opportunity to work out restless energy.

The Alphabetter Adjustable-Height Stand-Up Desk for Students offers a height range of 26 inches to 42.5 inches to allow students a break from sitting all day. This swinging classroom desk comes with a patented swinging pendulum footrest bar that allows students to redirect that restless energy. The footrest bar also engages a continuous motion that may help with a student’s overall health, increasing calorie burn and productivity. This innovated desk may even help keep sleepy students awake during long lessons! Pair the Alphabetter Adjustable-Height Stool with this classroom desk for added comfort. A tip-resistant base permits the use of the fidget bar while sitting.

The Alphabetter Desk comes with two options for students from third to twelfth grade. The first option comes with a lower shelf for storing supplies and books. The second option is an added steel book box that keeps a student’s desk tidy when the storage shelf is full. The book box works great for elementary students that need that extra storage space. These student desks have a steel frame with black powder finish, and are built for long lasting durability. The adjustable height has fourteen settings to accommodate each student. Each desk top is made of standard medium-density fiberboard (MDF) with durable 3D thermoplastic laminate coating for resilient impact and chemical resistance. The standard size top comes in two sizes, 28 inch x 20 inch and 36 inch by 24 inch. Each top is 5/8 inch thick. The larger top size can accommodate laptops alongside notebooks and textbooks. The swinging pendulum footrest bar has a 20” footrest area with a diameter of 5/8 of an inch.

In conclusion, these new swinging desks for students could change the way they learn, boost productivity in the classroom, and increase health and posture. The AlphaBetter desk gives students a chance to fidget and move without being disruptive to those around them. Not ready to take the leap and revamp the entire school? We’ve seen schools purchase one or two to test out, and they have come back for to order more. These small, positive changes could have a long lasting impact on your students’ lives as well as their academic performance.

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