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Best Measuring Stick

Best Measuring Stick

Best Measuring Stick

Engineers use several types of specialized tools for taking measurements that include measuring sticks and rods. A measuring stick is useful for determining horizontal and vertical distances based on the graduations and length of the tool. See how five of the leading models of measuring sticks and rods measure up.

1. LaserLine 10 Foot Direct Reading Laser Rod GR1000T


One of the best selling rods with a laser for direct readings is made by LaserLine. This high-quality laser rod is designed for use with a laser detector. Special rails allow the detector to travel the working length of the rod for easier readings with less adjustment. This 10 foot rod has graduations for feet, tenths and hundredths.

2. T&T Tools TPA48 - Smart Stick Standard Soil Probe


The Smart Stick Standard Soil Probe by T&T Tools is made of steel and maintains its original shape better than other probes. The shaft, tip and handle of this rod are threaded for adding extensions and replacement parts. Vinyl grips and tapered edges support ease of use. This model is not insulated to resist electrical shock.

3. Seco Satellite Stick XL Sectional 2-Meter GPS/GIS Pole 5126-10


The Satellite Stick XL Sectional 2-Meter Pole by Seco is an advanced measurement tool consisting of six carbon fiber sections connected by elastic shock cord that screw together to form a rigid pole. This model supports an adapter that increases the diameter of the pole to accommodate Claw Series Data Collector Pole Clamps, both of which are sold separately. This measuring tool collapses to the length of 1.3 feet.

4. Alumicolor 8008-1 - 36" Yardstick


It is hard to beat the affordable price of the Alumicolor 8008-1 36" Yardstick. Measuring sticks by Alumicolor Precision Tools are accurate measurement tools. This silver yardstick has yard markers and 16ths on the front side, a blank back and measures 1/16” thick and 1-⅛” wide.

5. Seco 98010 - SVR Series Rectangular-Oval Fiberglass Leveling Rod


This model of the Seco SVR Series of leveling rods has a redesigned locking mechanism with round buttons and is compatible with laser levels and EDM systems. The non-conductive design has a leveling rod on the front and a measuring scale on the back, with the exception of dual-scaled versions. A rectangular-oval shape prevents the tool from rolling and promotes ease of handling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a measuring stick online?

Decide on a measurement tool by comparing the features of different models. Choose from sticks with or without grade or level rod capabilities. Laser detectors make it possible to use measuring sticks or rods as levels. Shop measurement tools by category and compare probes, sticks and rods for taking measurements.

What types of measuring sticks are available?

Best Measuring Stick

You can choose which graduations appear on a measuring tool. Some of the most common units of measurement include feet and inches, fractions, tenths and hundredths or meters and centimeters. A measuring tool may be graduated on one or more sides. Telescoping rods can be useful for measuring longer distances.

How do I select the right measuring rod?

Measuring sticks are used to measure survey areas. A grade or leveling rod can indicate differences in elevation. Consider the type of measurements you need to take to pick the right measuring tool. A telescoping tool or laser measure can be useful for measuring longer distances or higher elevation grades.

How do I read an engineer’s grade rod?

Lower numbers on this measurement tool appear on the bottom and higher numbers are on top, with graduations of feet, tenths and hundredths of a foot. Full foot marks are usually red, and black numbers indicate tenths of a foot. Ticks indicate the even and odd hundredths of a foot.

What do lasers add to measuring tools?

Lasers on measuring sticks and rods are highly accurate and can be used for leveling purposes. Some measuring rods, such as the LaserLine 10 Food Direct Reading Laser Rod, have special rails that enable the laser detector to travel the working length of the rod for faster and easier readings.

You can find the right measuring stick for any measurement task on Engineer Supply. Shop measurement tools by category and compare the features of a large selection of measuring sticks, measuring rods and grade rods.
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