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Best Blueprint Racks

Best Blueprint Racks

The creation of blueprints is far from the only challenge that contractors and engineers will encounter while working on a project. In fact, many people struggle to figure out exactly how to keep these important documents safe from time, the elements, and human error. This is where a useful device like a blueprint rack comes into play. This piece of gear is essential for anyone who wants to keep several vital pieces of paperwork protected. Of course, there are plenty of angles to think over when making your selection.

Picking the best rack for your needs begins with gaining some knowledge n what is available. Review these top options and learn more about what makes for a quality storage rack or holder.

Brookside Design Premium Blueprint Rack


While one of the main functions of a rack for blueprints is keeping the documents shielded from damage, another key element of a useful holder is organization. With the Brookside Design Premium Rack, you can get all of your items organized in a way that suits your needs. The rack includes hanging clamps, labels, and a rolling stand, to make use easy and convenient no matter where you need to travel. The economical top-load allows for plenty of storage space without the risk of damaging papers in the process.

Brookside Design Vis-i-Rack


Though blueprints might not seem like they take up a lot of space, anyone who has accrued enough of these documents will state otherwise. Since you don’t want to waste floor space on storing all of your blueprints, you can find a good fit in a blueprint storage rack that can be placed on any wall or vertical space. The Brookside Design Vis-i-Rack boasts a steel frame that creates for a durable and protective cover to all of your vital documents and papers.

Brookside Design Pivot Rack


Getting organized is often easier said than done. Thankfully, a quality rack is a fantastic way to make sure you are staying on top of all of your responsibilities as a contractor. Whether you’re simply storing things away to be used in the immediate future or down the line, the durability and convenience of the Brookside Design Pivot Rack will make your life a lot easier. The chrome plated pivot brackets are as strong as they are stylish.

Safco Pivot Wall Rack


There are times when you need to store your blueprints in a location where they can be accessed fast. A blueprint holder that safely stores all of your items while simultaneously ensuring that each blueprint remains accessible no matter what is a perfect fit for your needs. The Safco Pivot Wall Rack is an ideal example of a rack that will stay strong no matter where you decide to mount it.

Elite Series ES-BPWR


Some documents are bigger than others. When you’re working with blueprints that are much larger than the standard size, you absolutely want to ensure that you’re investing in a rack that will meet your needs. The Elite Series ES-BPWR offers ample space for larger prints. The overall quality of this rack is sure to impress, whether you’re looking for space or durability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Grab the Best Blueprint Rack?

Best Blueprint Racks

When the time comes to purchase a new blueprint rack, you absolutely want to make sure you look over all your options. Review the various models available at Engineer Supply and it can provide you with perspective on the right fit for your next job.

What Are Blueprint Racks Used For?

Traditionally, racks for blueprints are used as a method of storing the documents and keeping each individual piece safe. These are used by contractors, engineers, and anyone else who makes blueprints a daily aspect of their work.

What Size Is the Standard Blueprint?

Blueprint sizes vary, but there are a few standards to keep in mind. The more common drawing sizes for architectural purposes involve paper that runs about 18” x 24” or 24” x 36”. Naturally, you want to find a rack based around what size you encounter the most.

How Do You Safely Store Rolled Blueprints?

When it comes to keeping blueprints safe from the elements, you need to take caution when it comes to proper storage. Using a correct holder can help you shield all of these vital documents from whatever environmental or situational issues might arise.

How Should Drafting Plans Be Stored?

Best Blueprint Racks

The best way to store drafting plans is with a quality holder or rack. Whether you opt to keep this device mounted to the wall or you invest in one that can be taken with you from one location to the next, there is a lot to be said for putting time and effort into finding the right fit for your daily demands.

When it comes to working as an architect or engineer, blueprints play a pretty important part in the process. Ensure that your prints stay safe and protected by purchasing a quality blueprint rack. Review the top choices available to you at Safety Gear Pro and see which makes the most sense for your needs.

Best Drafting Supplies

Drafting Table


A quality drafting table is an integral component for many experts. However, picking the right desk is not always a simple process. You want to be sure to measure your space first, taking note of how much surface area you’ll need from your desk and how much room you have available. Once you’ve got the numbers, you can start looking at drafting table options that fit your personal taste and the size of your space.

Drafting Chair


Drafting usually involves sitting over a desk for long hours while making small adjustments to a very complicated drawing. Obviously, sitting for this long can take a toll on your body. To minimize the pain and get more out of each session, you need to grab a drafting chair that fits your needs. A comfortable and supportive chair is key to your success on each project.

Drafting Tube


Not only do you need to make sure you have quality drafting equipment to help you take on the task of drafting, you also want to be sure you invest in essentials that can protect your finished product. A drafting tube is a device often used to shield papers and documents from nature, the elements, and human error. When transporting blueprints from one place to another, a tube acts as a guarantee that everything will go according to plan.

Drafting Scale


Another key tool involved in the drafting process is the scale. While the tool serves a direct purpose, the scale you select does not need to follow the same design as others. If you’re hoping to bring out a classic aesthetic edge with your tools, opt for one that mimics the era when noteworthy professionals like Frank Lloyd Wright dominated the scene. When you need useful drafting tools, this is a great fit.

Drafting Fan


Taking accurate measurements while drafting is key to ensuring your finished products are of the highest quality. Naturally, your tools play a big part in this process. A drafting fan can be an excellent investment because it provides you with a range of measuring tools that you can use to complete whatever work you have on your plate.

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