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Certain tools are essential when it comes to completing daily tasks associated with engineering, construction, and similar fields. If you’re looking to grab the best possible supplies for your next job, you need to begin with the basics. The dot laser, which is also known as the plumb laser, is a type of level that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re setting foundations, aligning brick or concrete, working on HVAC systems, squaring boards, tracking lighting, or taking on any number of important actions, the right level can prove invaluable to the process.

Give yourself a moment to look at some of these top level options. With a little research, you will have a much better chance at securing the gear you need for your next job.

LaserLine QUAD 1000


Precision is very important when it comes to levels. If you are looking to invest in a tool that will deliver a precise beam, then the LaserLine QUAD 1000 is definitely worth a look. Whether you’re working on a high-rise building or a tower, this is a tool that can help you gain accurate readings on whatever surface you need to measure. The zenith laser boasts features that increase the ease and accuracy of self-leveling tasks, making this an excellent investment for those who work in demanding fields.

Bosch GCL

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When it comes to plumb laser level options, it can be helpful to focus on tools that can aid you no matter what the conditions of your job might be. For example, the light points on many dot levels can be difficult to discern in environments that prove too bright or foggy. Thankfully, the Bosch GCL takes this into consideration and is designed to create lines that are easy to see in a variety of circumstances. Additionally, a manual setting allows users to obtain full control over how the level is applied.

Johnson Self-Leveling 5 Beam Pointer


The beauty of an option like the Johnson Self_leveling 5 Beam Pointer is that it boasts a unique and effective design. The tool projects up to five beams of light at once, allowing users to gain more perspective on the measurements of a particular surface. The rotation is unrestricted, meaning that it is easy to take readings no matter what angle you’re dealing with. What’s more the multi-functional magnetic mount makes using the tool incredibly easy overall.

Leica Lino P5


One concern you might have while working a demanding job is whether or not the tools you use are going to be able to withstand the conditions of the site. Whether you’re worried about dropping the item or a crash caused by a sudden impact, it can provide peace of mind for you to know that the Leica Lino P5 has been fitted with impact-absorbing rubber pads to reduce the odds of lasting damage coming about from these scenarios. With a one-button design and automatic pulse receiver, this is a quality option to think over.

 Johnson Level Red 5 Dot


There are plenty of ways to approach finding the right construction plumb lasers. One of the more effective methods of going about the search is by thinking over which models are most useful for your exact needs. The Johnson Level Red 5 Dot is an example of a tool with a simple design without sacrificing any advanced features. The locking compensator keeps the pendulum of the level protected, while the alarm functions helps you to stay on top of your range while working on taking a reading.

Klein Tools Red Cross-Line Level


Finding a laser level that is as easy to use as it is practical in a variety of applications is difficult but it is far from impossible. The Klein Tools Red Cross-Line Level and Red Plumb Spot Laser is a perfect example of a basic laser level that is designed with a number of exciting features. From the self-leveling options to the battery indicators and resistant case, there are plenty of amazing points to keep in mind when it comes to this tool.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy a Plumb Level?


When you’re in the market for a new plumb laser, there are several easy ways to get started. To find exactly what you need, be sure to take a moment to check out the options at Engineer Supply. This will provide you with more insight into what’s best.

What Are Levels Used For?

Level are used to determine how even a surface is. Finding whether a surface is level is an integral aspect of fields like construction, engineering, and architecture.

What Careers Use Levels Most?

BlueprintAs mentioned, people who work in fields related to construction and engineering tend to use levels the most. However, this doesn’t mean that the level isn’t used in other areas. In fact, most people have some type of level in their garages or basements.

What Tools Are Most Important for Contractors?

Outside of levels, there are many essential pieces of equipment involved in daily work for contractors. Naturally, what you use will depend entirely on the job at hand.

When Should Levels Be Replaced?


A quality level should last you for many years. However, there is always a chance an accident can happen. If the level doesn’t seem to be delivering accurate results anymore, you might need to find a better option.

When it comes to plumb laser tools, take time to review the basics. Look at the selection at Engineer Supply and find the best possible options for your next job.
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