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Best Stand Up Desks: 2021 Buying Guide

Best Stand-Up Desks 2021 Buying Guide

Does your body feel stiff and uncomfortable sitting in the same position at a desk all day? While people don’t often think about their workstations, an ergonomic design makes a big difference in productivity and comfort. It is essential to buy the best stand up desk available, so you get the high-performance adjustability needed to support your physical well-being and improve your work productivity.

Luxor 60” STAND-WS30 Workstation

Best Stand-Up-Desks-2021-Buying-Guide-PI-STAND-WS30 This Luxor model is a versatile, multi-tiered workstation that is complemented by a sharp design. It sports a powder-coated steel and high-density fiberboard construction with three adjustable shelves. It provides functional accessibility with a retractable keyboard shelf.

There is ample weight capacity of 150 lbs. with even distribution across the unit. This workstation meets ANSI/BIFMA standards. There is some assembly required, and the tools are conveniently provided. The Stand-WS30 has four castor wheels with locking brakes, so you can move it easily and secure it safely.

Luxor 60” STANDCF60-BK/BO Drawing Table

Best Stand-Up-Desks-2021-Buying-Guide-PI-STANDCF60-BK-BO The Luxor StandCF60-BK/BO takes you from sitting to standing within a moment’s notice. It features a high-speed crank that allows for rapid adjustment of the desk height: between 32.6” and 48.5” (with casters) and 29.6” and 45.5” (with glides). The beautiful melamine top with a black oak finish has a spacious 59” x 29.5” desktop to accommodate multiple monitors. It has a maximum weight capacity of 154lbs. and comes with all the tools and hardware needed for assembly. It meets ANSI/BIFMA standards.

Luxor 32” CVTR32-BK Desktop Desk

Best Stand-Up-Desks-2021-Buying-Guide-PI-CVTR32-BK This adjustable desktop desk is a top-of-the-line stand up desk converter with a steel frame and black finish. It effortlessly transforms from sitting to standing in seconds with its pneumatic air cylinder. The desk has a maximum weight capacity of 20 lbs. It easily lifts the weight of multiple monitors and a laptop. The spring-loaded bumper technology allows it to lower with smooth efficiency. With its chamfered edges, you can comfortably work or type all day. This desktop desk meets ANSI/BIFMA standards. It is preassembled to add it to any surface in minutes and move it with ease.

Safeco Mood Standing Height Desk with Rotating Work Surface

Best Stand-Up-Desks-2021-Buying-Guide-PI-1904GR This sleek stand up computer desk has a contemporary style and fits well in home offices, small workstations and classrooms. The top portion swings open or is nested to conform to your workspace needs with its unique, flexible design. It is made from powdered-coated steel with a durable laminate finish. This stand up desk complements the entire Mood™ product line.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best stand-up desks?

Best Stand-Up Desks 2021 Buying Guide

Luxor and Safeco design the most ergonomically efficient workstations and desks in the industry. Take time to find the best stand up desk that makes your work tasks more efficient and allows you freedom of movement within your workspace. Engineer Supply carries stand up desk products to fit the functionality of any office environment.

Are standing desks better for you?

The best stand up desk allows you to move freely in the area around your desk. You’re able to stretch when needed and increase the blood flow throughout the body. Standing is better for posture, flexibility and overall health. Additionally, standing desks provide easier access to work tools and materials.

Why do you need an ergonomic desk?

Ergonomics is a way of incorporating good office design to benefit the health and well-being of employees. A stand up desk promotes movement, which increases energy. Ergonomic work environments help employees perform better. People are more alert and productive when they are not sitting in an uncomfortable stationary position throughout the day.

How long does it take to get used to a standing desk?

On average, a person adjusts to a stand up desk within two weeks. Initially, there may be fatigue from standing all day, but tiredness is expected as the body physically adapts. Once your body finds its comfort level, you return to a typical workday routine.

How do you ergonomically stand at a desk?

Best Stand-Up Desks 2021 Buying Guide

These tips help you adjust to a standing desk: keep your desk at elbow height; allow your neck and shoulders to relax; let your knees bend to a comfortable position; focus your eyes at screen level; maintain a straight and parallel wrist position; assume a relaxing stance at the desk. You can tweak your desk height as needed and make physical adjustments to find your comfort zone.
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