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In the age of information, it can often feel like all everyday tasks are completed on digital devices. While this might be true of many aspects of life, there are times when the old-fashioned methods prove to be the most efficient. If you’re surveying land, for example, you absolutely need a way of recording the important data that you collect during your research. In order to ensure the information is safe, a field book can be a perfect resource. These invaluable tools make surveying a lot easier and can improve your ability to collect pertinent data in an organized way.

Qualities of a Great Survey Book

There are several key factors to pay attention to when it comes to selecting the best possible survey field book for your line of work. For one, you want an option that will prove to be durable in the most demanding of environments. When you’re surveying an area, you likely are outdoors. When inclement weather rolls through, you absolutely require a notebook that will not be destroyed by a few drops of rain. A waterproof book with a hard cover is an option that cannot be overlooked, as it is built to withstand intense circumstances.

Common Facts About Field Books

Most surveyors take notes with pencil. While you can easily use a pen, this might work against you when you realize you’ve incorrectly assessed a measurement. Writing in pencil allows you the ability to erase your work and correct your data whenever you realize you have made a mistake. The beauty of the Geomax field book is that it is crated with thin pages that are perfect for pencil notes. Plus, you won’t worry about running through the book at a faster rate because you are constantly scratching out errors with a pen. The standard book used to survey land is measured about 20 cm x 12 cm. This is the official size listed for a majority of survey books, though there are models that are a bit smaller or larger. The main reason the books are printed in this size is because it makes them easy to transport. All you need to do is slip the book into your bag or a pocket of a jacket and you can easily access it whenever you need to quickly jot down a few notes. Video geomax field books

Take It Wherever You Go

Portability is key when it comes to any of the important tools you use during a survey. Though a hardcover field book can be a bit trickier to force into a pocket, there are softcover options available. These are still durable, though will sometimes show signs of wear and tear from constant use. Explore your options to discover which is the right choice for your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Field Book Used For?

Field books are used by professionals conducting a land survey. The books make it easy for the experts to record the information they uncover and keep comprehensive notes about a site. The books are usually made to be portable, durable, and lightweight.

What Are the Types of Field Books?

There are two main types of survey books: single line and double line. The difference between these books is the spacing of the lines. In most cases, selecting either single or double comes down to the preferences and needs of the surveyor and the specific demands of the job at hand.

Is There a Standard Measurement of Field Book?

Video geomax field books
The standard measurement of a book of this variety is 20 cm x 12 cm. The size is important because it must be small enough for the surveyor to carry around, while still remaining big enough to keep track of notes in a way that is legible and sensible.

What Are Common Examples of Field Notes?

Field notes cover a variety of areas. From plane surveying to point-by-point measurements, owning a survey book makes it easy to keep track of it all. Whether you’re taking a hydrographic or topographic survey, having a place to jot down important data is key to your success.

What Quality Is Most Important With a Field Book?

Though there are several key factors to focus on when selecting a survey book, you want to pay attention to durability above all. Your job takes you into all sorts of difficult environments and you want to be sure that your notebook is up for the task.
Selecting the best possible field book for your line of work takes time and research. Explore the extensive selection available at Engineer Supply to discover the perfect fit to meet the demands of your industry.

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