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How many types of civil engineering drawings are there?

Blog how many types of civil engineering drawings are there If you’re interested in pursuing a career in civil engineering or expanding your knowledge of engineering drawing types, explore common types of drawings today. Depending on the scope of your particular project, these drawings can vary. Work with professional tools and equipment to create iconic architectural drawings and detailed plans for commercial or residential constructions.

Blog how many types of civil engineering drawings are there

Architectural Drawings

An architectural drawing shows the overall view of the building, including rooms, elevation and square footage. Some architectural drawings also include furniture and other detailed information.

Structural Drawings

These drawings are used to more clearly define the structural materials used to support a structure. Contractors must know the correct materials, placement, grade and reinforcement plan to maintain a safe and legal building site.

Plumbing, Electrical and Finishing Drawings

Finally, these detailed drawings are used to explain in finer detail the location of different materials used in construction. Convenient drawing templates help civil engineers quickly create plumbing and electrical diagrams that follow code requirements and communicate to subcontractors the proper installation of these materials. The finish drawing details the drywall, hardwood, tile, granite and other materials used to finish surfaces. This drawing captures the interior and exterior design of the building. Once you’re ready to tackle a civil drawing for yourself, shop for drafting equipment today at Engineer Supply. Enjoy quality equipment and templates to easily draw accurate drawings and plans for all the stages of construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Six Types of Construction Drawings?

A civil engineering drawing for a residential construction typically uses six major drawing types. Here are the common types of drawings to master for a construction project:
  • Plans
  • Interior and exterior elevations
  • Building and wall sections
  • Interior and exterior details
  • Schedules and room finishes
  • Framing and utility plans

What Is a Plan Diagram?

Blog how many types of civil engineering drawings are there

A plan diagram is the basic architectural diagram. Also known as the floor plan, this drawing shows a scaled version of the building as a vertical orthographic projection. This diagram highlights essential features, such as windows, doors, stairs, walls and even furniture. A plan diagram can be a two-dimensional or three-dimensional drawing.

What Is a Drawing of a Building Called?

This type of engineering drawing is typically called an architectural drawing. It’s used to communicate many technical elements of a building. Architectural drawings are used by engineers and architects to communicate to contractors who are all involved in the construction of a commercial or residential project.

What Is the Key Plan?

Similar to floor plans, key plans show all the essential architectural elements. These detailed plans show not only the square footage of each room, but also the use of the room, any planned furniture and other details. A key plan can also number rooms to help organize other plans and details.

How Do I Make a Master Plan?

A master plan incorporates various engineering drawing elements and overall analyses to capture a wide range of information. Master planning should include not only the physical characteristics of a building, but also community planning, additional facilities and traffic information. A master plan can vary depending on the goals of the particular building project.
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