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How To Select the Best Vintage Wood Drafting Table

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Engineers and other professionals who draft blueprints or other plans may appreciate the simplicity of a vintage drafting table. It is important to factor in table dimensions and the work surface size in addition to the range of adjustable angles, design and appearance. Wood surfaces and solid hardwood frames set vintage drafting desks apart from modern designs.

Wooden Drafting Table Styling

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Professionals shouldn’t overlook the traditional style of a wood drafting table when it’s time for a new drafting desk. There may be several options for work surface size, the range of available angles and wood finishes. The compact Studio Designs model 13304 vintage-style Drafting Table in Rustic Oak has a 36-inch by 24-inch work surface. The larger 13305 model in the same finish has a main work surface measuring 42 inches wide by 30 inches deep. More modern wooden drafting table designs are also in stock.

Vintage Drafting Table Features

The right design and features can set a drafting table apart. In addition to work surface size, professionals should factor in the range of adjustable angles and overall desk dimensions. The smaller Studio Designs 13304 36-inch drafting table can be adjusted from flat to an 80-degree angle, whereas the larger 13305 42-inch model ranges from flat to 90 degrees. Select models may also have a drawer, groove or ledger for storing pencils and other implements. The mid-sized model 13285 Ponderosa Wood Topped Table has eight top-angle adjustment positions between flat and 30 degrees. This desk features a partitioned storage drawer and has optional solid wooden leg extensions to raise the surface up to 37.25 inches. In addition to wooden work surfaces, vintage-style Studio Designs drafting tables also feature solid wood frames.

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Classic Drafting Table Designs

When selecting a wood drafting table, an engineer or design professional should consider how a certain color and grain of wood will look in an office or a workroom. It may be possible to match a drafting table to the current decor or furnishings. Otherwise, a retro stool design such as Studio Designs 13307 in Rustic Oak can provide a perfect match for a similar drafting table. Depending on how an architect, engineer or designer prefers to work, he or she may prefer a larger work surface or a wider tabletop angle adjustment range. Engineer Supply is an authorized Studio Designs dealer and every vintage drafting table by this brand is covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
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