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Introducing Bosch REVOLVE Rotary Lasers

Introducing bosch revolve rotary lasers Achieving precision with a level can be an uphill struggle. Whether indoors or out, there are a number of challenges that come with getting the most accurate information from horizontal and vertical surfaces. Bosch rotary laser kits aim to make the process easier and more comprehensive. This is made possible through attention to detail and the integration of new digital technology. Of course, you don’t want to simply pick any level and call it a day. Each option from Bosch will give you key advantages, so it is best to consider a few points when conducting your research.

Put It to Good Use

Introducing bosch revolve rotary lasers GRL2000-40HK As with any tool, how you plan on using your rotary laser level kit will play a big part in which model is right for your needs. The Bosh REVOLVE2000 features the option for the user to adjust the laser’s slope angle. While this might not be necessary for some, being able to customize this feature on-the-go can make more complicated projects less of a headache. The Bosch 18V REVOLVE400, meanwhile, boasts uCAL user-calibration options. Plus, this model is designed with power in mind and its battery provides extended runtime for lengthy endeavors.

Weathering the Storm

Introducing bosch revolve rotary lasers Durability is a critical factor when it comes to buying a rotary laser level. Each Bosch model is built to last, but different jobs demand different precautionary measures. When working on an indoor project, you might leave your tools at the site for days or weeks at a time. Whether it is mold in damp basements or dust in dry attics, you need to think about durability in different ways. Certain Bosch levels feature rubber overmolds, which meet water-protection standards and can shield the sensitive interior parts from environmental risks like dust and condensation.

Connect to the Future

Introducing bosch revolve rotary lasers GRL4000-80CHK Every professional knows the struggle with modern technology is how fast a new model can feel outdated. The beauty of many Bosch rotary laser levels is that they feature Bluetooth connectivity capabilities. The level can connect to a personal mobile device like a phone or a tablet. Once connected, it can link to official Bosh apps, which offers a way to keep the level’s software current and access a ton of useful resources. Though different than the levels of the past, these new models make the future of laser tech far more exciting.

Comfort Is Crucial 

Introducing bosch revolve rotary lasers GRL4000-80CHV No matter how good a tool might be, it is only as useful as the person using it. To get the best readings, you need to be comfortable holding your level. Bosch laser rotaries like the REVOLVE4000 are engineered with an easy-to-grip cage overmold. This can be a lifesaver when a reading is difficult to obtain and you know you’ll need to hold the device still in order to ensure accuracy. Be sure to consider this type of feature if you tend to work jobs with unique or unusual conditions.

Convenience Isn’t a Luxury

Introducing bosch revolve rotary lasers GRL4000-80CHVK A tool does not need to be complex or confusing in order to be considered good. In fact, convenience with a tool can be an amazing discovery. Bosch rotary laser levels are designed so that setup and cleanup periods are quick and efficient. If you’re on limited time need to get multiple surface readings before your deadline, the ability to get your level up and running in no time at all is an amazing help. Not only will this increase productivity, but it can also help you develop better bonds with clients who see your overall efficiency. Though there are many qualities that make for an excellent laser level, most of the useful attributes will be specific to you. Give yourself a chance to conduct a bit of research on what makes each model of level unique. Peruse the extensive selection of Bosch laser levels at Engineer Supply and you’ll soon have an easier time selecting a befitting option.
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