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Prepare to Build a Brick Wall With the Right Tools

Blog brick wall Whether you’re preparing a DIY garden wall or creating another perfect brick wall with your construction company, the right tools can help you lay a straight and solid wall. Learn how a few simple tools, like a spirit level, can help you build a better wall.

Create a Straight Line

Before you mix any mortar or begin stacking bricks, you need a straight line. There are a number of engineer tools that can help you achieve a perfectly straight wall. Start with a mason line or a laser measurer for an accurate point. A spirit level can also help you ensure your wall is level. Take time to create a firm, straight foundation before you begin stacking bricks. An uneven or angled starting row is very difficult to fix once you start applying mortar.

blog brick wall

Prepare a Story Pole

Another useful guide is a story pole. This doesn’t have to be a complex tool. Many expert masons use a simple strip of wood. Create lines for the height of a few layers of bricks and mortar. You can reference this guide after your first row of bricks in order to keep every row consistent.

Assemble Your Tools

Before you get started with your bricks and mortar, you’ll need to gather a few tools that help you cut bricks, spread mortar and stay safe. Here are some basic construction tools you’ll need to make a beautiful brick wall:
  • Gloves and mask
  • Spade trowel
  • Brick chisel
  • Mason blocks and line
  • Level
  • Brush

blog brick wall

Set Your First Row

Finally, you’re ready to start your first row. Keep your row even and level as you lay it using your mason line or other guiding instruments. Apply the first layer of mortar to the top of the first row. You’ll want a generous amount of mortar on each brick. Spread the mortar across the entire layer. When you press the next brick into the row, you’ll want to tap it firmly with the handle of your trowel. Wipe off any excess mortar with your trowel to ensure a smooth, professional finish. Once you’ve completed a few rows, it’s a good idea to continue to check your wall for accurate placement. From a spirit level to the latest in laser level technology, turn to Engineer Supply to find all the tools and equipment you need for your professional project. Shop online today for all your favorite brands and state-of-the-art supplies to make a perfectly straight brick wall or other construction project.
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