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Topcon Laser Buying Guide

Topcon Laser Buying Guide Meter

A laser level is an indispensable tool on any construction site. You need to be able to accurately measure the horizontal or vertical orientation of a surface, and a laser level is the ideal tool for doing so. There are so many options and brands and accessories, though…where do you start? If you’re overwhelmed and wondering what the best laser level is, you can start with TopCon. A TopCon laser level is made to be durable, accurate, and versatile.

Here’s everything you need to know about TopCon and their laser levels.

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Who Is TopCon?

TopCon is one of the most established names in laser leveling and general engineering supplies. Founded in Tokyo in 1932, the company specializes in surveying equipment, including laser levels. Many of these products are manufactured within the corporation’s subsidiary Topcon Positioning Systems, which offers products to large facilities as well as specialized distributors. Today, you can shop for laser levels, rotary lasers, batteries, and other tools from TopCon distributors, knowing that you’re getting the best quality equipment on the market.

What Is a Laser Level?

A laser level serves the same purpose as a traditional level would: to reveal whether a surface is oriented vertically or horizontally. A traditional level would accomplish this through use of a small vial which features a liquid filling and an air bubble. The air bubble rises to the highest point, revealing the orientation of the surface it is placed on. A laser level works differently but reveals the same information. A laser level is operated by placing it on a flat surface, allowing the device to self-level, and then projecting a level laser line onto whatever surface is being measured. Unlike a traditional laser, it is almost entirely accurate,.

Factors to Consider

Topcon Laser Buying Guide Meter

When you’re shopping for a TopCon laser level, there are a few questions to consider. There are many options to choose from, so when you are browsing, ask yourself the following questions:
  • In addition to leveling, what features do I need?
  • What accuracy rating does my project require?
  • What kind of tripod do I need to go with the level?
  • What kind of laser does my specific project require?
These questions will guide your selection and help you find the perfect TopCon laser level. If you need a model that incorporates TopCon GPS with a laser level, or a model that has an adjustable mount, you’ll find it in the TopCon collection.

Types of Laser Level

There are many different types of laser levels available for every type of project you might be working on. Typically, though, the range of options available are divided into three categories:
  • Line laser levels: this is the most commonly used laser level, and it functions by projecting a horizontal or vertical line
  • Plumb laser levels: these levels function by projecting a small dot rather than a line, which is then used to transfer a point from surface to surface
  • Rotary laser levels: Rotary laser levels are used to grade surfaces, and they function by projecting a line that can move across X and Y axes so that pitch can be set
Each of these three levels has different applications on the job site. Sometimes only one type is needed, and sometimes all three are needed in a single day!

Accessories and Applications

When you start shopping for laser levels, you’ll find that many of them include accessories and additional features that allow you to do far more than just level surfaces. Some of the applications of these accessories include the following:
  • Grade adaptor: A grade adaptor is used to achieve precision in pitching
  • Mounting pole: A mounting pole is necessary for grading uneven surfaces
  • Tripod: This tool is necessary for stabilizing your laser level on the ground
No matter what you need to do with your TopCon laser level, these tools will give you the adaptability you need to do it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do different laser levels have different accuracy ratings?

Topcon Laser Buying Guide Meter

Some laser levels are more accurate than others because of the materials they are made with or the way they are built. A reliable accuracy is within 1/6 of an inch for every 100 feet.

What is the best laser level on the market?

There are many different laser levels to choose from, but the best ones are the ones that boast the aforementioned accuracy rating and come from a trusted brand such as TopCon.

What kind of accessories should I get for my laser level?

The kind of accessories you need will depend on the kind of job you’re doing! Consider the list included above to find the right accessory for your needs.

How hard is it to use a TopCon laser level?

TopCon laser levels have a minimal learning curve, making them perfect for beginners, DIYers, and professionals alike.

When do I need to use a laser level?

A laser level is a good resource to use anytime you are leveling a surface.

Best Selection of TopCon Laser Levels

Shopping for laser levels can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Narrow your search by looking for a TopCon laser level and laser measurer from Engineer Supply. Call 800-591-8907 to place an order for your next laser level.

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