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What is the relevance of land survey?

Blog what is the relevance of land survey Surveying plays an important role in every part of land development — from the initial planning and design to the construction of roads and utility lines. It involves the use of survey equipment to measure and map the surrounding environment through the use of mathematics, which can include anything in the air or on the ocean floor. They even use surveying tools to measure the polar ice caps.

Land surveyors use the latest technologies to map out a piece of land, which can include any of the following:
  • Sophisticated GPS systems.
  • Robotic total stations and theodolites.
  • Aerial and terrestrial scanners.
All of these surveying instruments are used to make certain calculations while taking photos that they can use as a reference. And while they’re in the office, they’ll use special software (such as Auto CAD) to map out their measurements so they can put together a plan.

The Job of a Land Surveyor

Surveyors can work on a variety of projects — from building subdivisions tunnels to exploring mines. They’re experts in measuring the layout of a particular piece of land. They can also provide valuable information and advice to engineers, architects, and land developers (which can be used to guide their work). Even the building of certain machines can benefit from the work of a land surveyor. Diesel generators and pumps can be heavy, so engineers may need to build a plinth on which the unit will sit.

Why Land Surveying is Important

Blog what is the relevance of land survey

Surveyors are the first people to go a construction site, because they use different types of survey equipment to measure and map the area. Architects use this information to come up with a design, while engineers use it to come up with a safe and secure structural plan. Not only does this process make sure that the building can be properly constructed, but it also makes sure that it fits with the surrounding landscape. Boundaries have to be marked on the ground, so people who stand on or near the property can see them. But land surveying can also be used by title insurers to remove certain exceptions, so they can offer “extended coverage” against off-record title issues.

Many properties have issues because of land boundaries that were improperly mapped or due to miscalculations from previous surveys. Many of them are built inside multiple sections of a larger piece over the course of many years. And as these divisions continue to develop, the risk of miscalculation increases. The result can be properties that don’t fit with adjacent pieces of land, which can result in gaps or overlaps. A professional can use surveying tools to solve these puzzles by putting together pieces that don’t necessarily fit. In these types of cases, the solution will depend on the interpretation of the surveyor’s research and how it works with established procedures for resolving them.

Blog what is the relevance of land survey

Newer survey instruments use GPS systems to map out certain control points, which can be used to stake out roads and create the layout of new townships. Even drones can be used as survey equipment, which being increasingly used in the agricultural field. No matter what type of surveying tools are being used, the principle is the same — to map out the layout of a particular piece of land so it can be used for designing and building structures.

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