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Why Do You Have To Level a Theodolite on a Point Before Use?

Blog Leveling Theodolite Today’s survey tools go well beyond those of the pre-digital age in both precision and detail, but that makes it even more important to use them correctly. A large part of the technique needed to get accurate readings from a theodolite come from proper setup, so it’s important to understand what you need to do and why it’s necessary, from selecting the right point to leveling the device and calibrating it for use. If it is set up improperly, the reference point for all of the angle measurements taken during that session will be incorrect, leading to a totally incorrect set of recorded measurements in the end.

How To Level Your Surveying Equipment

blog leveling theodolite A1 To start with, you will need a stake or another marker that you can drive into the ground at the point from which the measurements will be made. Then, you need to set up the tripod above it, being careful to center the stake in the centered hole of the mounting plate. Your instrument should be eye-level for you as you work. The rest of the setup goes as follows:
  • Drive the tripod legs into the ground
  • Measure the height of it above the point for reference during other measurements
  • Mount the theodolite on top of the tripod and adjust the mounting knob to secure it
Some theodolites are designed with an automatic level, making them easier to sight as you adjust them into place. Those that do not have that feature at least sport an easy to read leveling measurement, you just might have to look away from your adjustments to check it. Sometimes it’s a classic air bubble design, other times a digital display. Use the level to consult your progress as you use the leveling knobs and tripod legs to adjust the device until you have it at the right spot according to your instruments. After that, you can measure the vertical bob and follow through with locking the device on point to finalize your setup.

blog leveling theodolite B1

Upgrade Your Tools for Your Next Survey

Moving up from a basic digital measuring device to one with the automatic features designed to let you work faster while being more accurate is a good idea, especially if your skill has reached the point where you could work faster already if you had those tools. Make your next survey easier, check out the supplies and theodolite upgrades at EngineerSupply
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