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Will Surveyors Become Redundant as Technology Advances?

Blog will surveyors become redundant as technology advances

Since the ancient times, people have used different types of survey equipment to measure specific areas of land. We have grown beyond the rope stretchers from Ancient Egypt, but surveying technology continues to evolve. Like every other industry, the future of land surveying will continue to change, and the type of surveying instruments being used will change with it. Because of the increased use of drones, improvements in mobile 3D mapping, and changes in data management, we can expect to see a lot of new developments in surveying technology as we continue to move forward. These trends could have certain implications for the industry as the collection of data, how it’s stored, and how accessible it will be to retrieve it continues to change.

What the Future of Land Surveying May Look Like

Blog will surveyors become redundant as technology advances

Here are some types of survey instruments that may exist sometime in the future:

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) — Because they have become more affordable and more accessible, UAV’s could make a great addition to the world of land surveying. Before their availability became more widespread, they were often considered to be cost-prohibitive for many commercial applications. And for this reason, they were only used by the military. Now, they have many advantages in both terrestrial surveying and manned aircraft. Not only can they cover a large area and more difficult terrain in a short amount of time, but they can also take detailed images of areas that are harder to reach by any other method.
  • Mobile 3D Mapping — Mobile mapping systems can give you very detailed images in a short amount of time. They will allow you to create 3D models from a number of environments, and they’re very flexible. The process is pretty straightforward. You collect geospatial data, and you use software to create a digital replica without waiting for hours to see the final result. With the use of handheld devices and aerial recording, mobile 3D mapping could be a viable and effective piece of survey equipment that may streamline your work in a number of ways.
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) — A form of 3D laser scanning, this technology can measure variable distances to the ground or any nearby object. A LiDAR device is made up of a laser, a special type of GPS receiver, and a scanner that’s often included on airplanes and helicopters to gather date over a large area. It collects information from laser pulses and other types of data from the aerial system to create a detailed 3D model, and it can be used to gather information about the physical characteristics of a large area of land.
  • Cloud Storage of Data — As the technology of surveying instruments become more advanced, they need to gather more data. And it can take up valuable space that can put a burden on the IT capabilities of a land surveying company. Many of them don’t have the infrastructure to store this type of information at an on-site data center. So, many of them are starting to use cloud storage where data can be kept at an off-site location and managed by a third-party company. They have to store data for thousands of projects. And as they accumulate more information, they run the risk of outgrowing their capacity. Cloud storage is more scalable, because they can increase their storage capacity to meet their specific needs.

Blog will surveyors become redundant as technology advances

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